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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? These days, just about everyone.

As such, the personal finance advice industry is more crowded than ever. Budding influencers often lead the way with promises of get-rich-quick schemes and self-made financial independence – the #StockTok hashtag has topped 3 billion views on TikTok alone. Most are there to make a quick buck. For self-made millionaires Rhianna and Jon Schoeller, however, sharing their lessons learned online has a much deeper meaning.

The West Virginia couple retired in their late 20s working multiple jobs and living on a shoestring budget for nearly a decade. Then they became foster parents, which “changed everything”, according to Rhianna, now 33. The couple embrace their unique family dynamics and love of travel on Youtubewhere their relevant, unscripted vlogs quickly garnered over 335,000 subscribers.

Hustle culture often evokes visions of yacht selfies and a lavish lifestyle. For many proponents of the financial independence, early retirement, or FIRE movement, however, the journey to becoming work-optional means embracing a sometimes brutal budget — and taking a closer look at the mindsets that drive your day-to-day financial decisions. . “We’re too extreme for most people,” said Jon, 36.

Here’s how a millennial couple became financially independent and used their free time to become adoptive parents, plus tips for becoming a frugal investor yourself.

The couple overcame a low-income upbringing

When Rhianna and Jon met in 2008, a common bond they shared was growing up in a low-income family. “My frugality was a survival type thing. I was in foster care as a kid, and so was my sister,” Rhianna said. “My sister and I were sharing clothes, buying used and just trying to save money where we could.” Rhianna went to nursing school and Jon started a moving business.

After finding his footing financially in his early twenties, Jon made his first major purchase: a brand new BMW, along with a monthly payment of $700. “All my friends thought it was the coolest thing in the world, but I worked all day as a mover, so I never drove it,” Jon said. Like many millennials, the Schoellers realized that what they really wanted to do was travel, and that their money would be better spent cultivating experiences together.

“I had an atlas when I was a kid, because it was before the internet. I loved it,” Rhianna said.

“I also had an atlas! says Jon.

“Yes! I would write on it the places I wanted to go,” Rhianna said. “But going to Africa might as well have been like going to space because it was so far-fetched for me. [at the time]“, said Rhianna.

Jon eventually sold his BMW back to the dealership at a loss of $9,000. He said he tells people it was the best investment he ever made, because it taught him a lesson and reignited his desire to live more frugally. The couple used the freed up money to start traveling regularly, taking their first international trip together to Jamaica the same year.

“We went through a travel agent because we didn’t even know you could book trips like this yourself – that’s how little we knew,” Jon said. “And there was a poster on the wall with the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, the Maldives.” The agent told the Schoellers that the Maldives was well out of their budget, which they accepted as a challenge for the future; the couple then fled to the Maldives in 2013.

“I think it’s that we couldn’t do all those things when we were younger. Now we’re like free birds, we just want to go everywhere,” added Jon.

The hustle hamster wheel

The Schoellers wanted to work, save money and travel, and that’s about it. Over the next eight years, Rhianna and Jon worked multiple jobs, lived well below their means, and pocketed every extra dollar they had. Unaware of investing, the couple saved everything in cash, amassing more than $350,000 in cash savings in 2016. It took an inflation explanation to convince them that investing their savings would help preserve their wealth, a said Jon.

“If you grew up in a family that didn’t have a financial education, they’ll put you off investing,” Jon said. “They don’t understand how [market] accidents correct themselves over time. It’s not a blow to our parents – they didn’t find out either.”

The hustle can itself become an avoidance tactic, and avoidant coping often happens when it comes to personal finances, said Megan Ford, financial therapist and counselor for Stack, a financial wellness app. “We tend to naturally lean toward avoidance when something feels overwhelming, out of reach, or scary,” Ford said. “In our minds, we are so caught up in not understanding this complex system that we just put it aside and don’t [learn about personal finance] when we should.”

The anxiety that accompanies avoidance can be crippling, but it’s manageable with intentional action, said Traci Williams, a certified psychologist and a certified financial therapist. “The problem with anxiety is that it’s not just in our head, it’s also in our body. If you start to feel anxious, addressing the thoughts that arise can help you,” says Williams.

“Retirement is a scam”

Softening their outlook around money helped the Schoellers discover investing, real estate, and the financial independence movement, which greatly increased their wealth in the years that followed. When Jon had the opportunity to sell his moving company and become a work elective, he pounced – and found he hated having nothing to do.

“We were there, visiting Hawaii, and I was so depressed,” Jon said. “Retirement is a scam. It’s the mad rush people don’t like to talk about.” He said he realized he didn’t want to retire; he wanted it ability to retire. Although financially independent, Jon now works full time in real estate and consulting, Rhianna is a nurse anesthetist and the couple share their work and life on social media platforms like Youtube.

They decided to cultivate a life with purpose

The couple had talked about having children, but they weren’t obligated to have biological children. “There are a lot of billboards around West Virginia saying foster families are needed,” Rhianna said. Since the couple planned to stay there for at least three years for Rhianna’s graduate studies, they decided it was a good time to apply to become foster parents, a process they say took about ten months before being paired with their now daughter, Tyanna.

Now 4, Tyanna has visited 10 countries and “eight or nine” Caribbean islands so far. The Schoellers aim to visit 50 countries and all 50 states before their daughter turns 18, favoring sustainable travel options where resorts pay ethical wages.

“Our daughter changed our perspective. I would say we were workaholics, we wanted to spend all our time working. If we had extra time, we thought we had to spend it to make money “, said Rhianna. “Now that we have our daughter, all we want is to spend time with her because it’s limited.”

The Schoellers do all of their video editing themselves and opt for a messier, more relevant video format. “A lot of family vloggers, [their content] is organized, children are in matching outfits, beautiful house, beautiful cars. It feels scripted,” Jon said.

Tips for being a thrifty investor

If you haven’t started investing yet, you’re not alone: ​​More than two in five Americans don’t own any stocks, according to a recent study Gallup poll. Whether you’re planning for retirement or just want to grow your savings, the following tips can help get you on the right track.

Accept the budget reduction

Side hustles get all the attention, but if you can too lighten your budget or choose less expensive options when you travel, you’ll be preparing to build wealth faster. “When we travel, we don’t stay in five-star places,” Jon said. “We want to see the place, not live in the hotel.”

That being said, if your budget gets so tight that it becomes unsustainable, instead reallocate your willpower to increasing your income to ensure you don’t burn out.

Master the basics of saving and investing

Whispers of a impending recession continue to persist. While it may be tempting to protect your money by storing it under the mattress, there are other options that will better protect you from inflation. High performance savings accounts, Series I Savings Bonds And exchange traded funds can help you earn interest on your money with little or no management.

Spend your money on what you want, not what other people think is cool

The feeling of belonging is powerful and we are often tempted to splurge to be accepted. The Schoellers said their current financial habits and social media presence sometimes make them feel like outsiders, but are also a form of frugality activism as they unlearn scarcity thought patterns.

“I was so worried in high school about what I wore. I didn’t like wearing a collared shirt, but everyone said you had to wear the collared shirt, so I did. Then , it was two collared shirts. Then two collared shirts, with both collars popped out. I was like, ‘I can’t keep up, I’m out,'” Jon said. “A lot of what I do today stems from the anxiety and discomfort I felt during my school years.”

“It’s like a societal rebellion,” Rhianna said.

“We’ve had people like, ‘Jon and Rihanna, you have to come with us on this vacation. You literally do nothing, just sit in the lounge chair, and when you’re thirsty you press a button and they bring you your drink. “I can’t do this,” Jon said.

“It’s too uncomfortable,” Rhianna said.

“So uncomfortable,” Jon agreed.

“I can get up and have my own drink,” Rhianna said.

Save for the future while living your best life in the present

Although the Schoellers are millennial millionaires, you wouldn’t know it by watching them on YouTube. “We come from very humble beginnings, and now anything outside of that is uncomfortable, because we know what it’s like to be the people who serve those people,” Jon said.

When it comes to early retirement, Rhianna and Jon have tried and said it’s just not for them.

“We lead a more modest life, continue to work and travel a lot,” Rhianna said, “and people seem to like watching that.”

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