Oura Ring review: Love the feature changes, hate the new subscription


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We take a second look at the Oura Ring, a fitness tracker wrapped in an understated gem, to see how the third generation compares to its predecessors.

Like many people, I bought the Apple Watch because I was excited to use it to track and record health-related data. And, when it comes to collecting health data, the Apple Watch is king – with one caveat.

While I like the idea of ​​the Apple Watch, it’s not a great fit for me. For one thing, adding a screen physically attached to me can be a huge distraction. I feel compelled to check it obsessively, even though I turned off all notifications.

There is also the question of comfort. I write for a living, which means my wrists spend a lot of time on the desk under my keyboard. For some reason this causes almost all Apple Watch bands to pinch the skin on my wrist almost constantly.

Then the pinch leads to an eventual bruise that grows until I take a break from the Apple Watch. So, between the bruises and the constant distractions, I ended up trading in my Apple Watch for store credit.

Still, I wanted another way to track my health data. I wanted something that I could wear all the time to get as much data on my health as possible.

It is equipped with new sensors, a new style and a completely redesigned application. So we decided to revisit Oura Ring, now in its third generation.

Design, size and comfort

Each time you order an Oura ring, you will first have the option of receiving a sizing kit that will allow you to find the perfect ring size for you. I strongly suggest you accept this offer, as the Oura ring fits slightly differently than a typical ring.

The sizing kit contains eight plastic Oura Ring replacements of different sizes. Unfortunately, they only come in whole sizes, so it may take some trial and error to figure out which Oura Ring finger works best on.

Oura suggests using your index finger for best results, but says using your middle or ring finger is fine.

It’s also essential to wear your plastic size ring for a while, as your fingers will change in size throughout the day.

Pill-shaped dimple helps you keep the ring aligned properly

When the time comes to choose your Oura ring, you have the choice between two styles: Horizon or Heritage.

Heritage is the classic Oura ring design, which features a flattened design at the top of the ring, helping you ensure the sensors are in the correct area. Heritage is available in silver, black, stealth, and gold, and pricing starts at $299.

Horizon is more traditional with a uniform design, with a small pill-shaped dimple on the underside of the ring. The dimple ensures that the sensors are properly aligned on your finger.

Horizon is available in silver, black, stealth, gold, and rose gold, and pricing starts at $349.

The Oura ring is made of titanium, which makes it both durable and incredibly lightweight. Plus, it’s waterproof up to 100 meters, so you can wear it in the shower or at the pool if you want.

Oura cautions against wearing the ring while doing anything that would knock it over repeatedly, such as handling heavy pots and pans. – or you may result in surface scratches.

I regularly bang my hands on things, so my ring has a few scratches. However, this is true for all the jewelry I wear; Honestly, Oura’s ring fared better than most.

Oura Ring sensors

Oura Ring sensors

As far as comfort goes, it’s not uncomfortable, although it takes a bit of getting used to. The sensors are a bit noticeable at first, but as with all jewelry, you end up not noticing them.

The only downside I have personally encountered is that the Oura Ring can be difficult to wear during workouts. I’ve always had a low activity score because I found it impossible to wear the Oura ring while weight training or using resistance bands.

And since it’s still winter where I live, I walk less than usual. So obviously your mileage will vary.

Charging and battery life

The Oura ring is charged via a proprietary charger, which matches your ring size. That’s not good news if you regularly lose mags, as you’ll have to order a replacement at $58 a piece.

The good news is that the Oura Ring can last up to 7 days on a single charge, which means you don’t have to worry about packing – and then forgetting – your charger for a long time. weekend.

Battery life is mainly determined by whether or not the blood oxygen sensor is activated and whether the training heart rate function is used. If you use them, your battery life will decrease quite significantly.

I left the blood oxygen sensor on and can manage about three and a half to four days before recharging my Oura Ring.

Charging takes just over an hour if you completely deplete the battery. However, Oura suggests not letting the battery drop below 30%, as this will automatically disable the blood oxygen sensor to preserve battery life.

Oura app and metrics tracked

Oura’s ring tracks several different things. It tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen level while you sleep, and your movements. It also tracks your nighttime body temperature, which it uses for period prediction.

Using the metrics above, the Oura app gives you three main categories to review over the course of a day.

The first is your overall readiness score. Your readiness score tells you how well you can push yourself the next day.

The second is your activity score, which tracks your overall activity for the day. You can choose to display it as calories burned or steps set.

Oura calculates your activity score by classifying your movements into regular and irregular movements and measuring your heart rate for each type.

Each category can be tapped and you can view detailed information, such as past scores, information and explanations on how Oura calculates each score.

For me, the sleep category is the most interesting. The Oura application will tell you how much you moved during the night, the respiratory problems observed and your blood oxygen saturation during your sleep.

It’s a powerful tool if you have a sleep disorder that you’re trying to control.

Bonus content

Although I’m not the biggest fan of guided meditation, I realize that many people are.

That’s why Oura includes a selection of guided meditation exercises that you can follow. This includes activities that focus on meditation and reflection, breathing, and even those that help you fall asleep.

Good, but not perfect

Above all, I’m pretty impressed with the Oura Ring’s ability to track the health metrics I care about. I wanted it to help me identify things that may be making existing sleep issues that I have worse.

Activity data also seemed accurate compared to a more traditional pedometer. Of course, there was no 1:1 between the pedometer and the Oura Ring, because Oura does not detect “steps” in the conventional way.

Still, he seemed to know when I was straining to run errands around town or move heavy boxes up the stairs.

Really, the only flaw I found was that because I was falling on the lower end of an average heart rate, the Oura Ring held on to thinking I had fallen asleep before I did.

I noticed it most often when I was sitting up in bed, reading before sleeping. Sure enough, Oura noted that I fell asleep about 10 minutes after I started reading, woke up when I put my book away, and then started tracking my sleep again once I lay down.

Other users have also reported this issue, with some claiming that sleep metrics are completely useless. I don’t believe that’s true in my case.

Oura Sleep Tracker

Oura Sleep Tracker

One night I ended up with food poisoning, and Oura could tell that I had spent over ten hours in bed, but only seven sleeping.

Another night when I had a particularly bad night’s sleep, Oura could tell that I was awake from 3:30 to almost 6:00.

So, even if it’s not perfect, it worked well for me. Unfortunately, like many commercially available sleep tracking devices, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Fortunately, Oura offers a 30-day return and refund policy, so if it doesn’t follow your measurements the way you want, you have a whole month to return it to the company.

Perpetual payments

There is one big downside – the recurring subscription. While you don’t have to pay the $6 monthly subscription to use the Oura Ring, the ring is sorely lacking without it.

The only metrics the Oura Ring will show without a subscription are your readiness, sleep, and activity scores. You will not be able to see detailed information in any category, nor will you be able to see past data in the app.

If you’re tired of the subscription, you might not be happy spending an extra monthly fee to unlock features natively tracked by the device you’ve already purchased.

What you give up compared to the Apple Watch

Of course, if you choose an alternative health tracker, you’ll be giving up some of the benefits you’d get from staying within the Apple ecosystem.

The most obvious is the inability to use Apple Fitness rings. What I liked most about Apple Watch was its encouragement to make sure I close all three rings daily.

You also lose the ability to see your real-time heart rate during a workout. While not a big deal for casual users, the Apple Watch would probably serve athletes and people serious about their workouts better.

But, if – like me – you find a fitness tracker with a display too distracting and don’t want to wear one on your wrist, the Oura Ring is a great alternative.

Advantages of the Oura ring

  • Discreet
  • Autonomy of several days
  • Tracks sleep, activity and overall readiness
  • Easy to use app
  • Built-in period prediction

Oura Ring vs.

  • Dear
  • Recurring subscription
  • Cannot be used meaningfully without a subscription
  • No half sizes
  • Sleep tracking may be more inaccurate for some users

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Or buy

Oura Ring is available directly through Oura on their website. It comes in two different styles and starts at $299, with prices going all the way up to $549.

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