Litter Robot 4 review: A great, but flawed, self-cleaning litter box

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I’m so tired of all this poop. Now that I’m dealing with three cats, diapers for an 11 month old and potty with my four year old, I just needed relief from the mountains of feces. Enter the Litter robot 4, the latest iteration of Whisker’s automated litter box (a product we originally covered in 2005!). It’s a small spaceship-like device that automatically spins after your cat has pooped, separating the waste into a storage bin and leaving the remaining clean litter behind. Instead of picking up a box daily (or multiple times a day for multi-cat households), you simply remove the Litter Robot’s trash bag and replace it with a new liner once a week. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, mostly. For one thing, it’s a whopping $699 price tag, which puts it out of reach for most cat owners. And like pretty much all “smart” devices, I ran into issues when setting up the Litter Robot 4. After a few months of testing, I encountered a lot of quirks – sometimes it didn’t sift properly, sometimes its sensors cat detection went haywire. , and it hasn’t really stopped the trash from reaching my floors. Despite all that, it still made my life easier. Thanks to the Litter Robot 4, I had to deal with a little less animal waste every day. I will consider that a victory.

As a cat owner since 2009, I’ve always looked at self-cleaning litter boxes with envy. But almost every option seemed like a headache at the time: some required specialized litter, others were prone to blockages and failures. And even though the Litter Robot has been around for a while, I’ve always considered it too expensive to be practical. But now that my family has grown, thanks to that aforementioned baby poo and a pair of adopted kittens, I couldn’t wait for relief. (One of those kittens also grew into a massive 18-pound beast — you can imagine what her litter box looks like.)

I know several people who loved it Litter robot 3and it was generally well ratedalthough at the same time bulky on the outside And a bit too small for cats inside. The Litter Robot 4 improves on its predecessor with a sleeker design (it’s a bit less wide, so it should fit better in smaller rooms), as well as a larger opening for larger cats. It’s also Wi-Fi connected, so you can easily check litter and waste levels with the Whisker app. Thanks to new weight sensors, you can track how often your cats use the robot, and the company also plans to launch more individualized tracking later this year. In theory, this should let you know if one of your cats is using the litter box too often or not enough.

Litter robot 4

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Setting up the Litter Robot 4 was pretty easy – until I ran into some software issues. Just take the 24-pound egg-shaped robot out of its box, throw some clumping litter into the main compartment, and toss an included bag in the trash. The device itself is made entirely of plastic, which makes it quite light and easier to maneuver. The inner part where the litter box is is covered with a rubbery material, which should make it quite durable and easier to clean than hard plastic.

After plugging in and turning on the Litter Robot, however, I was faced with my worst fear with any new smart gadget: pairing issues. Without being paired with the app, the robot would not clean itself at all. A few frustrating hours later, I learned that Whisker had a system-wide issue and had to wait a few days for the company to provide a fix.

So it goes with smart devices, you might say. But it was really silly (and a little infuriating) to manually clean that $699 litter box. Without that initial connectivity, it was no better than the $20 litter box my cats use upstairs. Once the app was set up, the robot performed a cleaning cycle and evenly sifted the remaining litter. Seeing this new litter box move and make sounds (it’s surprisingly quiet!), my three cats wouldn’t go near it. At that time, it was just a $699 monument to pet excess.

A few days later, the bravest of the bunch – my 18-pound tuxedo cat named “Jiji” – finally jumped into the Litter Robot to explore. After several back and forths, he deemed it safe and left his first offering, which was quickly tossed in the trash. The Litter Robot seemed delighted. Within a week, all my cats were on board. And at that moment, I noticed something strange: I didn’t smell any poo or pee! Sure, the Whisker app told me the bin was full, but you wouldn’t know that by standing right in front of it. This is a good sign for anyone who wants to place the Litter Robot in a cramped living room.

Litter robot 4

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

My honeymoon period ended when one of my cats left a trail of feces inside the robot. No amount of sifting and cycling got rid of it. Eventually, I started noticing some weird device behavior (perhaps in protest at what this cat did). Sometimes its lights flash red – a sensor fault, according to the Whisker app. The only way to fix this problem was to turn the device on and off. Sometimes the robot wouldn’t clean itself completely after one of my cats used it. So I had to press the cycle button on top to get it started.

Over the course of a week, I usually have to deal with three out of four problems like this from the Litter Robot. Few of them involve touching real poop, and that’s way less than I would clean a normal litter box. Still, for $699, I wish it was more reliable. I wouldn’t trust him to work for an entire week if my family went on vacation. Don’t lose your cat sitter’s number.

Cleaning the Litter Robot’s trash can is a breeze – just remove the liner bag and replace it with a new one. While you can stick with Whisker’s products, I had no problem using Glad’s 13-gallon ForceFlex bags. The company also recommends wiping down the Litter Robot’s internal components once a month, as well as refreshing the litter with a brand new batch. This process isn’t difficult, but I found it easier to accomplish by sliding the device outside. And yes, that also means you’ll have to get your hands a little dirty. There’s just no escaping shit.

Whisker’s mobile app does a great job of alerting me when the bin is full or when the litter is low. And it may sound strange, but I really enjoy seeing how often my cats use the box. This is especially useful if a cat is feeling sick – going to the robot frequently could be a sign of illness. The app also keeps track of your cat’s weight, which could help you avoid overfeeding or underfeeding. (And of course, big weight loss could be another health concern.)

Litter robot 4

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

After a few months of testing, only two of my cats continue to use the Litter Robot 4. Still, they use it quite frequently to fill their trash can every week. (We also have two normal litter boxes around the house for the lone renegade.) My only major annoyance, aside from all those random errors, is the open design of the Litter Robot. I’m aware this is something cats prefer, but it also leads to litter being strewn all over the floor. Unfortunately, Whisker’s bundled door and forward step for the Litter Robot doesn’t really help much. If you end up having this thing I suggest you add a litter mat out front and be prepared to vacuum or sweep every few days.

The Litter Robot 4 is an extravagance, but it’s an extravaganza that weary cat owners may find useful. Don’t expect miracles. You’ll still need to watch out for mistakes, perform manual cleanup, and sweep up stray trash. The perfect self-cleaning litter box isn’t here yet, but the Litter Robot 4 is as close as it gets.

Litter robot 4

litter robot

Litter robot 4

The Litter Robot 4 is an extravagance, but it’s an extravaganza that weary cat owners may find useful. Don’t expect miracles.

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