Hogwarts Legacy renews this classic Harry Potter magic

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Playing Hogwarts Legacy instantly reminds me that few fictional worlds are as spellbinding as that of Harry Potter. In 1998, my mother handed me a copy of Philosopher’s Stone – published as the lesser-known Sorcerer’s Stone in the United States – and that opening chapter stirred a sense of wonder. I was addicted for life.

Or so I thought. After the core book series ended and there were no more film adaptations to come, my emotional connection waned. THE overloaded falloutwith Author JK Rowling’s Incendiary Comments on Transgender Peoplesucked away the franchise’s remaining fun, and I thought it was time to move on.

Most of that baggage fell off as soon as I started Hogwarts Legacy, which released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC on Friday (it’s coming to other consoles In the coming months). This open-world action RPG, developed by Avalanche Software, is designed to let us live out our fantasies of enrolling in the iconic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a new student.

After playing the PS5 version for 12 hours, it captures the wonders of the first books, with an intriguing original narrative, varied and captivating gameplay, and a complex world to explore.

Back to basics

The game circumvents the narrative restrictions of Harry’s story by going back in time to the 1890s. After creating your character, you are embarked on a brief opening adventure before reaching the School of Sorcery and of Hogwarts Witchcraft.

Even though you are a new student, you start your magical career a bit late and enroll in the fifth year. That’s probably because having a wide-eyed freshman, at just 11, exploring dangerous caves, learning dangerous spells, and battling dark wizards would seem a little weird.

Customization options are a key part of living out your Wizarding World fantasy, and they’re a joy. You can choose the gender and appearance of your character. Then you’ll choose and modify your wand (don’t worry, the one you start the game with is loaner) and your broom.

You’re also sorted into a Hogwarts house (Slytherin FTW), based on a series of questions that you’ll answer shortly after arriving at school, but you can recast if the initial selection isn’t to your liking. not.

Choosing your wand is an awesome moment, and you can customize it throughout the game.

Games Warner Bros.

The house you find yourself in doesn’t seem to change much beyond the common room, your uniform, and a few disposable lines. Although teachers mention house points in some classes, you won’t be competing for them in the game.

Your education is occasionally interrupted by the main story, which focuses on your connection to mysterious ancient magic and a sinister dark wizard in league with the intense leader of a goblin rebellion – these villains go by the excellent names of Victor Rookwood and Ranrok, respectively. It’s an absorbing narrative that expands the lore of this universe nicely, especially when it hints at events further out in the timeline, but sometimes fades into the background amid all the game’s other distractions.

Living in a wizarding world

The development team’s love for Harry Potter is evident in every aspect of Hogwarts Legacy, but shines most brightly in the world and its characters. Each teacher, student, and location feels distinct and real, with a handful of household names like Weasley and Black to keep fans comfortable.

Each character is richly written, intelligently voiced – Simon Pegg plays the obnoxious – and visually diverse – director, so talking to them and learning about their backgrounds is fascinating. (It’s frustrating that you can’t pause during cutscenes.) This characterization is woven through the main story and its side quests, which range from investigating one of the castle’s mysteries and sneaky seizure of potion ingredients while wandering in a dangerous cave.

Students gather at the foot of the stairs in the stone entrance hall of Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts is full of characters to meet and secrets to discover.

Games Warner Bros.

These are varied and fun in terms of gameplay, exploration, and puzzle solving, but seem even more interesting as they provide opportunities to learn more about the quest givers and the world. And teenage antics, like sneaking into the library in the dead of night using an invisibility charm, sound like vintage Harry Potter.

Your custom avatar’s voice acting is solid, but sometimes a little flat, like you’re being too polite or reserved. It’s better than listening to a realistic teenager, though. The character models are quite convincing, but the eyes sometimes move abnormally and are unnerving.

The world is also lavishly designed, especially in the magnificent gothic Hogwarts, with its moving paintings, talkative gargoyles and fascinating student banter. Every inch begs to be explored, with heaps of collectibles and Easter eggs to uncover – you hear a satisfying hint of the John Williams theme when you pick up certain items. The nearby village of Hogsmeade isn’t quite as big, but it’s still packed with fun entertainment.

A robed wizard walks down a dirt road leading to a house in Hogwarts Legacy.

There’s a lot to explore outside of the school as well, but it’s not as dense.

Games Warner Bros.

The hills, plains and colorful hamlets that make up the rest of the world can seem a little bland in comparison, despite their Elder Scrolls atmosphere.

The game’s technical limitations are sometimes apparent when you’re also dashing through the environment; sometimes assets will appear at the edge of your screen and doors will appear stuck in the area beyond the charges. It never felt revolutionary, but might briefly shake your sense of immersion. I fell through the landscape and died while wandering once outside the castle – luckily the game had autosaved a few seconds before and the problem didn’t repeat.

tricks of the magic trade

The multifaceted nature of your sorcery gradually unfolds over the first few hours of Hogwarts Legacy. Your character starts out with the most basic dueling skills and spells, but the way you cast spells with your wand gives combat a unique kinetic flow.

You block incoming attacks with a magic shield and dodge larger ones. The combat is similar to that seen in Batman: Arkham and Spider Man Games, but with an aesthetic of sorcery. It’s immediately rewarding, to the point that you’ll crave magical battles.

Two students mix a potion and sparks fly from a cauldron in Hogwarts Legacy

Potions class opens up lots of fun options and has one of the coolest teachers.

Games Warner Bros.

Once you arrive at Hogwarts, you’ll learn new spells and skills in classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Herbology. Basically, the quest flow gives you time to familiarize yourself with each new ability before introducing another – you’ll attend a class, then use what you’ve learned in a few story missions or side quests.

The game encourages you to use every tool in your arsenal, instead of learning a few basic combos and relying on them to get you through every battle. You’ll be playing for a few hours before the skill trees are unlocked, but you’ll probably have an idea of ​​your preferred fighting style by then. Almost everything you do also gives you experience points, so you’ll level up at a steady rate.

Dark wizards blast a student's shield with spells in Hogwarts Legacy

You will have many attack and defense options when you face dark wizards.

Games Warner Bros.

There’s also a constant stream of new gear that will improve your attack and defense, in addition to changing your character’s appearance. You can also apply the look of any previous clothes to new clothes, so you don’t look ridiculous just because a certain item has higher stats.

Unfortunately, inventory limits add unnecessary friction to exploration – you may find new gear but be unable to pick it up. It’s irritating to have to quickly go to Hogsmeade to sell the excess items while walking around the castle. You can increase your inventory with some side quests, at least.

A happy school reunion

Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t lean too heavily on its school environment — you won’t have to stick to a rigid schedule. Instead, you attend class to advance the narrative and add new gameplay elements rather than going there because you have to.

The world opens wide once you complete your first flying lesson and get your very own broomstick. There’s a bit of a learning curve to rise above it all, but it’s exhilarating and highlights the expanse of the play area.

Hogwarts Legacy evokes the same magic as the first chapter of the first book and a simpler time for the franchise, allowing you to explore a beautifully realized world, meet a fascinating cast of characters, and embark on your own wizarding career. It’s the Harry Potter game fans have been dreaming about for decades, if they’re ready to revisit that universe.

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