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Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs in the US – Many Pay Over $100,000

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The jobs landscape has been changing steadily over the last three years as some industries are still struggling to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and companies prepare for a possible recession in 2023.

Some jobs have become more popular after the pandemic and the nationwide wave of layoffs and hires it unleashed. The US is expected to add 8.4 million new jobs through 2031, according to the latest job projections from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, with nearly a third of those jobs being in health care and social care.

Advanced practice providers, employee experience managers and truck drivers are among the most in-demand jobs in the US, a new LinkedIn report finds. On Wednesday, LinkedIn released its annual list of jobs on the rise, highlighting the 25 fastest-growing occupations over the last five years, based on the fastest-growing jobs on its site between January 2018 and July 2022.

Twenty-two of the 25 positions on LinkedIn’s list offer remote or hybrid work opportunities, indicating that employers continue to meet workers’ demands for flexible working to attract and retain talent in a tight job market.

Here are the 10 fastest growing jobs in 2023 according to LinkedIn; you can read the full list of top 25 jobs here.

1. Head of Revenue Operations

Job description: Heads of Revenue Operations oversee all aspects of an organization’s revenue generating activities, often working closely with sales and marketing teams to ensure that go-to-market strategies support business goals and growth. of the recipe. This position is also often labeled “director of revenue” or “head of revenue management”.

Salary range: $70,000 – $300,000

Main hiring locations: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles

2. Human Resources Analysis Manager

Job description: Human resource analytics managers are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting HR-related data within an organization, such as performance, attrition, and employee demographics. This position is also often labeled “people analytics manager” or “talent analytics manager.”

Salary range: $41,600 to $122,000

Main hiring locations: New York City, San Francisco, Washington, DC – Baltimore Area

3. Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Job description: Diversity and inclusion managers typically lead a team of people who support initiatives related to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within an organization.

Salary range: $60,000 to $145,000

Main hiring locations: New York City, Washington DC-Baltimore area, Boston

4. Truck Driver

Job description: Truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods safely and efficiently, as well as regularly inspecting and maintaining their vehicles.

Salary range (according to Glass door): $53,000 to $120,000

Main hiring locations: Dallas, Houston, Chicago

5. Employee Experience Manager

Job description: Employee experience managers oversee the processes that support employee engagement, well-being and development within an organization, which can include training programs and mentoring initiatives.

Salary range: $55,000 – $125,000

Main hiring locations: New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles

6. Sales Training Specialist

Job description: Sales enablement specialists, also known as “sales operations associates,” support sales teams by improving processes and providing internal tools and training for sales representatives.

Salary range: $50,000 to $157,000

Main hiring locations: Seattle, San Francisco, Boston

7. Advanced Practice Provider

Job description: Advanced practice providers are licensed medical providers, such as attending physicians or registered nurses, who perform primary care services for patients, including evaluating laboratory results, delivering diagnoses, and administering treatment plans.

Salary range: $90,000 – $129,000

Main hiring locations: Atlanta, Houston, Dallas

8. Growth Marketing Manager

Job description: Growth marketing managers, also known as “demand generation managers,” identify opportunities to drive business growth, such as initiatives to increase market share or improve customer acquisition and retention.

Salary range: $60,000 to $132,000

Main hiring locations: New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles

9. Data Governance Manager

Job description: Data governance managers establish and maintain policies and procedures to ensure data security and compliance within an organization.

Salary range: $56,000 – $141,000

Main hiring locations: New York City, Chicago, Boston

10. Subsidy Management Specialist

Job description: Grant management specialists oversee the grant awarding and administration process within an organization, including identifying potential funding opportunities and managing the review and selection process.

Salary range: $46,200 to $98,100

Main hiring locations: Washington DC-Baltimore, Atlanta, Denver area

Despite — or because of — the challenges of the persistent Covid-19 pandemic, jobs in tech, healthcare, marketing and sales have seen “hundreds to thousands of new hires over the past five years,” according to LinkedIn.

This list, however, does not take into account the recent wave of job cuts in the tech sector – just this week, Microsoft and Amazon announced plans to lay off thousands of employees.

“Companies are in a rebalancing phase right now in the reverse of the pandemic, where they are focusing on how to retain employees and grow revenue so that a recession doesn’t devastate their business,” Andrew Seaman, editor-in-chief of jobs and career development at LinkedIn , says. “For example: truck drivers play a key role in helping companies deal with supply chain issues, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic.”

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