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The Logan Paul Crypt Drama and the Pet Pig Fiasco, Explained

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Logan Paul is an influencer, podcaster, and professional wrestler who has – yet again – found himself at the center of controversy. A three-part YouTube series by investigative journalist Stephen Findeisen, known as Coffeezilla on YouTube, delved into Paul’s recent CryptoZoo project, branding the venture a scam. As if things couldn’t get any stranger, less than a month later, a pig named Pearl, previously owned by Paul, was found abandoned by an animal rescue, who have since taken in Pearl.

The two stories spread across social media made Paul the topic of conversations on Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms. This resulted in a mixed discourse, with other influencers and creators weighing in from all angles. Paul took to social media and his own podcast to respond.

Paul first promoted CryptoZoo on his podcast impulsive in August 2021. He said he was working on his “own NFT project”, calling it “a really fun game that makes you earn money”. CryptoZoo is a blockchain “game” where players buy in-game cryptocurrencies called $Z00 to spend on digital eggs that hatch into animals. Eggs could also theoretically be bred, resulting in hybrids that were rare and therefore considered more monetarily valuable.

On December 16, Findeisen posted the first installment of his three-part series, titled “Investigating Logan Paul’s Biggest Scam,” which has over 7.5 million views. In this video, Findeisen claims the project was a hoax and interviews players who said they were never able to hatch their eggs. In the video’s description, Findeisen writes:

“CryptoZoo is supposed to be a fun blockchain game that can make you money… but millions of dollars in investor money later, things are still broken. Coffeezilla investigates why. […] This video is an opinion and should in no way be construed as statements of fact. Scams, bad business opportunities and fake gurus are subjective terms that mean different things to different people. I think someone promising $100,000/month for a $2,000 upfront fee is a scam. Others would say it’s a Napoleon Hill camp.

Findeisen posted parts two and three of the series on the Coffeezilla YouTube channel on December 20 and 23. In these videos, Findeisen delves into other members of the CryptoZoo team, including lead developer Eddie Ibanez, other developers, and other crypto influencers like Jake the Crypto King. (No relation to Jake Paul, Logan Paul’s influencer brother and fellow podcaster.)

Logan Paul posted a response video to Coffeezilla on Jan. 4, which has since been deleted but has been circulating widely across the internet as other YouTubers have reposted it. In that video, Paul said he made no money from CryptoZoo, accused Findeisen of using his name to get money and views, and threatened to sue Findeisen. He also discussed the Coffeezilla video series in an episode of impulsive podcast.

On Saturday, Findeisen tweeted that Paul had called him and was “deleting both responses” as well as “dismissing the threats of prosecution”. Findeisen also shared a screenshot from the CryptoZoo Discord group that showed Paul saying that he would be “taking responsibility, apologizing and coming up with a plan in the near future”. The CryptoZoo website currently says it is “undergoing updates to core ecosystem infrastructure”. (Polygon has reached out to Logan Paul and Stephen Findeisen and will update the story upon response.)

Just as things started to settle down, the controversy surrounding Paul reignited on January 10th, but for an entirely different reason. A Gentle Barn animal rescue sanctuary posted a TikTok telling the story of a pig named Pearl, described as having been found abandoned in a field next to another pig, who had since passed away. Fans recognized Pearl as Paul’s pet pig in their YouTube videos, and the animal sanctuary’s TikTok began making the rounds on social media.

According to TikTok, Gentle Barn treated Pearl for a life-threatening infection in her uterus and ragged ears. “From what we’re told, it’s believed she was originally purchased from a creator by an influencer,” reads the TikTok video’s description.

He continues: “People often buy ‘mini pigs’ or ‘pigs’ to gain influence online, believing they will remain small. When they inevitably grow a lot and have many unexpected needs, they are unfortunately discarded. While we don’t know everything she went through in her past, we do know that her life is now filled with friends, nutritious food, the highest quality care and lots of love.” Polygon reached out to Gentle Barn for comment and did not receive a response.


Pearl was found alone in a field next to another pig that had died. She came to us with ragged ears and a potentially fatal infection in her uterus that has since healed. She’s clearly been through so much trauma that we can’t begin to imagine, but now she’s safe with us at The Gentle Barn. From what we’re told, it’s believed that she was originally purchased from a breeder by an influencer. People often buy “mini pigs” or “teacup pigs” to gain influence online, believing they will remain small. When they inevitably grow a lot and have many unexpected needs, they are unfortunately discarded. While we don’t know everything she’s been through in her past, we do know that her life is now filled with friends, nutritious food, the highest quality care, and lots of love. #pigrescue #animalrescuestory #abandonedanimals #pigsoftiktok #farmanimalrescue #thegentlebarn

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Polygon also reached out to Logan Paul for comment about Pearl and received the following response:

Logan moved to Puerto Rico and couldn’t take Pearl with him. He responsibly rescued her to an amazing horse ranch where she was well taken care of.

Logan found out yesterday that the owner of the ranch had moved and couldn’t keep Pearl. They had apparently relocated her to their neighbor, and the neighbor was the one who contacted Gentle Barn to take Pearl.

Logan didn’t know and was shocked to learn that Pearl was relocated once again, to a person and place he didn’t know.

Logan immediately reached out to Gentle Barn when this information surfaced online. He has offered to help financially and hopes to be reunited with Pearl if the rescue organization gets the opportunity.

Logan is incredibly upset to learn of Pearl’s condition and is truly grateful to Gentle Barn.

Many fans on the internet expressed skepticism of Paul’s responses to these two controversies. It remains to be seen how they’ll work it out, but it’s a reminder that despite Paul’s continued success and massive follower count, his efforts to rehabilitate his image often lead to even more ridiculous results.