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Patrick Surtain Mr. stands out for South Florida athlete Ricky Knight III on his long Friday visit to FSU

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TALLAHASSEE — North Palm Beach (Fla.) Benjamin School’s Three Star Junior Athlete Ricky Knight III spent eight hours in state of florida on Friday. The 6-foot, 170-pound athlete left in awe of everything he saw and learned about the Seminoles, who were the first team to offer him a week ago.

“Honestly, it was a great experience. It was really amazing meeting all the trainers. They were all so loving and caring. They all really moved me,” said Knight III. “The town and city is just amazing. Everything is so compact and you can see everyone and the way they work, everything feels like a family. Inside the clinic [conditioning], everything was intense. You could tell they were trying to get better and move as one.”

The visit gave Knight III the opportunity to sit down with the new defenders coach Patrick Surtain Mr. Knight III is the first recruit to be given this chance since Surtain Sr. was hired earlier this week.

“Coach Surtain is a very nice, very nice guy,” said Knight III. “We talked about 7-on-7. We talked about school, football. It felt like I’d known him forever.”

Knight III contributed at The Benjamin School on both sides of the ball last season. He is listed as an athlete. He clarified that FSU is recruiting him as a defensive end, and that’s his preference as to the position he hopes to play at the next level.

“Not many people can go out and play defense. Some people, they always want the ball, they don’t want to be the one to get the other team’s ball. They want to be the ones that score a touchdown,” Knight III said. you can score a touchdown on defense too. Defense, it takes a lot of heart, because you will be defeated. You’re a defensive player, you need to step back, defend someone who knows where he’s going, so you have to have heart, you have to have that mentality. And not everyone has it.

Surtain Sr., an 11-year NFL veteran who has a high school education and NFL coaching experience, is someone who stands out for Knight III in terms of what he brings to the craft.

“So he started in high school and he also has a son who grew up. Plus, you can tell he knows his stuff. Especially when he’s working in the NFL,” said Knight III. “When we talked, he told me he came back here because he really wanted to develop a player. The guys in the NFL, they’re already making millions of dollars, he wants to develop someone who can make millions of dollars.”

The visit also gave you the chance to sit down and talk with the coach. Mike Norvell.

“I didn’t know Coach Norvell was such a nice guy. Coach Norvell is definitely a nice guy. He’s a loving guy. You can tell he really cares about his team, and not just on the football field, but out of it. that,” said Knight III. “He wants them to be the best they can be.

“We sat in his office and talked. It was a great time,” said Knight III. “We talked about the expectations he has for his players, who he is looking for and what he wants to do to improve the team not only on the pitch but also off it.”

Knight III went out of his way to commend the area recruiter as well. Ron Dugansdefensive coordinator Adam Fullerdefensive analyst Greg Mosshigh school relations director Ryan Bartowand Director of Player Relations Keiwan Ratliff for everything having an impact on him during his visit on Friday.

Leaving the visit, it’s clear that he was very impressed with the Seminoles.

“FSU is amazing,” said Knight III. “It’s going to be really hard to top him.”

He added that FSU being the first team to offer it was “heartwarming” and that he enjoyed being the first school to take notice of it. He also shared that the first college he attended as a kid was a trip to Florida State.

He is scheduled to visit Miami on Saturday. Hurricanes also offered. He plans to see Penn State and Pitt in March, while also returning to FSU to check out spring training in March.

He doesn’t have a decision timeline in mind, but he knows what he wants to find in his college house.

“I really want to be part of something that is a family and not just a team. I want to bond with these people outside of football,” said Knight III.

There are no predictions for the Crystal Ball.

He is ranked the #75 athlete in the nation in the class of 2024 by

In addition to football, he also runs at the high school level.