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Final chapters of 'Surviving R. Kelly' claim the singer forced Aaliyah's family to sign a non-disclosure agreement following the annulment

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The last two installments of Lifetime Surviving R. Kelly The docuseries ended with two bombshell revelations about the jailed singer’s controversial marriage to a then-underage Aaliyah. The two episodes that premiered on Monday and Tuesday focused on Kelly’s 2022 federal trial, which included allegations that the singer and his team forced Aaliyah’s family to sign a non-disclosure agreement following the annulment of the artists’ brief marriage. . .


R. Kelly, Derrel McDavid

R. Kelly, Derrel McDavid

R. Kelly’s former business manager seeking $850,000 in attorney fees after acquittal


Kelly and Aaliyah were secretly married in August 1994, when the “Rock the Boat” singer was just 15, although the marriage certificate listed her age as 18; the marriage was allegedly annulled by Aaliyah’s parents in February 1995. Interviews with some of Kelly and Aaliyah’s entourage revealed some of the details of the NDA, which allegedly came about after Aaliyah’s father was furious about the marriage.

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Longtime friend and former bodyguard Gem Pratt told the surviving team that Aaliyah’s family signed a contract with Kelly that promised not to press charges against him for the illegal marriage after the annulment if Kelly promised to sell them the rights to her first three albums. During last year’s federal trial, a jury found Kelly guilty of three counts of child pornography and three counts of inciting a minor to engage in sexual activity; Aaliyah was referred to as Jane Doe #1 in that trial.

“Her father [Michael Haughton] didn’t want her near him,” Pratt said on the series about wanting to put distance between Kelly, who was 27 at the time of their marriage, and Aaliyah, whose debut album, Age is nothing but a number – released when she was 14 – was produced and written primarily by Kelly. Stories of Kelly and Aaliyah’s secret marriage were rumored at the time, but the final episodes of the Lifetimes series have brought the details of the fallout into sharper focus.

They include allegations about members of Kelly’s inner circle allegedly looking the other way at Kelly’s decades-long abuse of women, girls and young men, with Pratt saying that “He [Kelly] couldn’t do it alone…it’s clear as day that there were enablers.” Variety noted that Aaliyah’s NDA emerged during Kelly’s New York trial in 2022, although it did not receive widespread media coverage at the time; Chicago reporter Jim DeRogatis originally broke the NDA news, telling the New York Times popcast podcast in 2018 that the settlement was a “harrowing document… A non-disclosure agreement on both her and Kelly’s part, pledging not to pursue further legal claims for physical abuse. So it wasn’t just underage sexual intercourse, he allegedly beat her, according to the court document.

A lawyer for Kelly had not returned billboardRequest for comment on the NDA is at press time and Kelly has maintained her innocence and is appealing the convictions.

In September 2021, Kelly was found guilty in a New York trial on nine counts, including racketeering and 14 underlying acts, including sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery and sex trafficking charges, as well as eight counts of violation of law. of sex trafficking. known as the Mann Law. In June 2022, Kelly, 55, was sentenced to 30 years in prison; the singer still faces additional sentences in Chicago, as well as pending sex crimes charges in Minnesota.

The Final Chapters of Producer/Director Dream Hampton’s Film surviving the series also included new allegations of Kelly’s sexual abuse from a survivor named Ebonié Doyle, who claimed that she was raped by Kelly just days after her marriage to Aaliyah. Doyle said she was 16 when Kelly’s limousine pulled up after one of her concerts, starting a relationship that resulted in her mother throwing Doyle out of the house when she found out.

After moving in with Kelly, Doyle said she was subject to Kelly’s “controlling” ways, which included forcing her to sit in a specific sexual position for hours until her posture was to his liking. At the time, there were rumors about the singer’s relationship with underage Aaliyah – Doyle noticed that she and the singer were similar in stature and appearance – and said that at one point he found a sex tape with Kelly and Aaliyah. When Kelly found out that she had seen the tape, Doyle said he pushed her down the stairs.

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