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Fantasy Football: Week 18 first edition standings and how stewards can handle Week 17

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On Monday morning, I laid out my plans for this week’s newsletter, but when Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed from a cardiac event during that night’s game with the Bengals, Fantasy football was the absolute last thing. what I wanted to think about. And I know I’m not alone in this.

This game we spend so much time thinking about can, at best, serve as a distraction from reality. And some of my favorite emails I’ve ever received have come from listeners and readers telling us how what we do has helped them through tough times. It always lifts me up. I know that Fantasy Football is nowhere near the most important thing in the world, but it has definitely helped me maintain a sense of normalcy during difficult times, both in my life and in the world at large.

But this game felt more important than usual. We were all tuning into Monday’s game with high expectations – two of the best teams in the league and some of the game’s brightest stars on the biggest stage, with big bets for the NFL playoffs and countless fantasy championships set to come. But it all became so meaningless so quickly.

Monday’s game could never have continued after that – the reactions of Hamlin’s teammates and opponents made that clear to those watching. He crystallized what can sometimes be hard to keep in mind for football fans: that, as indestructible as they may seem, these men are still men, playing a dangerous game that puts them at risk of serious injury every time they come into contact. field. It’s something they have to put aside every time they take the pitch, and it’s only natural that we as fans do the same. Occasionally, but inevitably, this illusion is shattered.

Hamlin remains hospitalized in critical condition as of Tuesday night, and I know you’re okay with me sending him positive vibes throughout this ordeal. It’s been amazing to see how the sports world has rallied around Hamlin, with nearly $6 million raised for Hamlin’s Chasing M’s foundation – initially created to give back to the communities of McKees Rock and Pittsburgh where Hamlin grew up.

In creating the GoFundMe page, Hamlin wrote, “As I embark on my journey to the NFL, I will never forget where I come from and am committed to using my platform to positively impact the community that raised me.” It’s been amazing to see the entire football community and the sports world at large use the platform that Hamlin has created to elevate it and spread this good message even further. Please consider donating some of these Fantasy League earnings. I can’t wait for Hamlin to see what has been done in his name.

The game will continue, of course. It’s unclear at this time if Monday’s game will make up, but there will be games in Week 18. Big games. Important games for playoff seeding and draft position, and for some of you, for your Fantasy leagues. That sense of normalcy will also return, in fits and starts – though not without keeping Hamlin in our thoughts and prayers as he continues to fight.

And also this bulletin will return to normal. In leaps and bounds. I’ve made some changes to my content schedule after taking the day off yesterday, but I’ll be looking at the 2023 rankings later in the week. Today’s newsletter has some Week 18 advice for you ahead of time and some thoughts on how to deal with the unprecedented situation of a championship week being incomplete. I’ll be honest, it’s weird talking about all of this in light of what we saw on Monday night, and if you have no interest in reading about it, that’s fine. I get it.

But let’s move on to week 18 and beyond. Things aren’t normal right now, but we’re going to make the best of it.

How Commissioners Should Handle Week 17

There is no good answer for how to deal with postponed games. I can tell you how I handled it in the leagues I’m the commissioner of – We split the league. I was in the league in both leagues and projected to win, but I suggested just calling it a draw – the last thing I wanted to deal with was trying to figure out a tiebreaker or juggling the schedule. It just didn’t seem worth it, and I honestly didn’t feel like it.

But it’s just me. Your league may be different. Other leagues declared the projected winner as the outright winner; I have others who will manually enter the Bills and Bengals players’ Week 18 scores into their Week 17 rosters to determine the championship. I think it’s an imperfect option because the circumstances of these games are completely different from week 17. But imperfect options are all we have here.

I’ve even seen some suggestions on Twitter about using projected scoring margins to determine how to distribute the winnings: you split the pot, if a team is a 70% favorite, they receive 70% of the winnings, and so on. I’ve seen some suggest that you use average player scores for the season instead of Week 17 scores. You could even put the players’ performance in each game so far this season in a hat and tie one for the score. It’s random, but so is Fantasy football in many ways.

The thing is, there’s no perfect answer for how to deal with it. It’s an unprecedented situation stemming from a horrific incident, and trying to find the “right” or “fair” answer to reward the “true” winner is not only impossible, but kind of irrelevant, if you ask me. What works best for your league should be how you approach it. As a commissioner, I’m trying to do what’s best for my league, and that meant finding a way to resolve the league in a way that takes it out of anyone’s hands. That was what felt right to me.

Week 18 Rankings

If you’re looking for players to add for Week 18, Jamey Eisenberg’s Waiver Wire column is here for you. But keep in mind that a lot is going to change between now and Saturday’s first roster locks of the week as we figure out who’s going to sit out and who’s going to play.

For what it’s worth, the following teams enter Week 18 with relatively little at stake other than potential playoffs or placement in the draft order: Vikings, Buccaneers, Giants, Texans, Broncos, Colts, Raiders, Browns, Jets, Bears , Cardinals Rams, Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Commanders. This does not mean that all of them will be rested beginners, but certainly any of them goes. Hopefully we’ll have a good sense of that on Saturday and Sunday, but it’s harder to say now.

This means that these exemption targets may be obsolete by then, and so may these classifications. More than any other week, competing in Week 18 requires you to stay up to date as late as possible on the week’s news so you know who will be available. That’s why we don’t recommend playing in Week 18!

Here are my ratings as of now:

QB Ratings

  1. Patrick Mahomes @LV
  2. Trevor Lawrence vs. TEN
  3. Josh Allen vs NE
  4. Joe Burrow vs BAL
  5. Tom Brady @ATL
  6. Geno Smith vs LAR
  7. Kirk Primos @CHI
  8. Justin Fields vs. MIN
  9. Justin Herbert @DEN
  10. Daniel Jones @PHI
  11. Aaron Rodgers vs DET
  12. Jared Goff @GB
  13. Dak Prescott @WAS
  14. Brock Purdy vs ARI
  15. Deshaun Watson @PIT
  16. Mike White @MIA
  17. Gardner Minshew vs NYG
  18. Russell Wilson vs LAC
  19. Kenny Pickett vs CLE
  20. Jarrett Stidham vs KC
  21. David Blough @SF
  22. Josh Dobbs @JAX
  23. Mac Jones @BUF
  24. Skylar Thompson vs NYJ
  25. Baker Mayfield @SEA
  26. Sam Howell vs DAL
  27. Tyler Huntley @CIN
  28. Nick Foles vs HOU
  29. Andy Dalton vs CAR
  30. Davis Mills @IND
  31. Desmond Ridder vs. ALSO
  32. Sam Darnold @NO

RB Ratings

  1. Austin Ekeler @DEN
  2. Christian McCaffrey vs. ARI
  3. Derrick Henry @JAX
  4. James Conner @SF
  5. Josh Jacobs vs KC
  6. Dalvin Cook @CHI
  7. Aaron Jones vs. DET
  8. Travis Etienne vs TEN
  9. Rhamondre Stevenson @BUF
  10. Joe Mixon vs BAL
  11. Najee Harris vs. CLE
  12. Nick Chubb @PIT
  13. David Montgomery vs. MIN
  14. Saquon Barkley @PHI
  15. Alvin Kamara vs CAR
  16. Kenneth Walker vs. HOME
  17. Tyler Allgeier against tuberculosis
  18. Leonard Fournette @ATL
  19. Jerick McKinnon @LV
  20. Rachaad White @ATL
  21. Ezekiel Elliott @WAS
  22. D’Andre Swift @GB
  23. Isaias Pacheco @LV
  24. Latavius ​​Murray vs LAC
  25. Devin Singletary vs. HUH
  26. AJ Dillon vs. DET
  27. Miles Sanders vs NYG
  28. Cam Akers @SEA
  29. Brian Robinson Jr. vs. DAL
  30. JK Dobbins @CIN
  31. Deon Jackson vs HOU
  32. Zack Moss vs HOU
  33. Raheem Mostert vs NYJ
  34. Cordarrelle Patterson vs. ALSO
  35. D’Onta Foreman @NO
  36. Michael Carter @MIA
  37. Zonovan Knight @MIA
  38. James Cook vs NE
  39. Chuba Hubbard @NO
  40. Malik Davis @WAS
  41. Chase Edmonds vs LAC
  42. Gus Edwards @CIN
  43. Jeff Wilson vs NYJ
  44. Jamaal Williams @GB
  45. Damien Harris @BUF
  46. Jonathan Williams vs DAL
  47. Royce Freeman @IND
  48. Kareem Hunt @PIT
  49. Dare Ogunbowale vs ARI
  50. Samaje Perine vs BAL

WR ratings

  1. Justin Jefferson @CHI
  2. Ja’Marr Chase vs. BAL
  3. Tyreek Hill vs. NYJ
  4. Stefan Diggs vs NE
  5. Amun-Ra St. Brown @GB
  6. AJ Brown vs NYG
  7. Chris Godwin @ATL
  8. Keenan Allen @DEN
  9. Davante Adams vs KC
  10. Tee Higgins vs. BAL
  11. DK Metcalf vs. HOME
  12. CeeDee Lamb @WAS
  13. DeVonta Smith vs NYG
  14. Garrett Wilson @MIA
  15. Mike Williams @DEN
  16. JuJu Smith-Schuster @LV
  17. Jaylen Waddle vs NYJ
  18. Michael Pittman vs HOU
  19. Jerry Jeudy vs LAC
  20. Amari Cooper @PIT
  21. Tyler Lockett vs LAR
  22. Christian Kirk vs. TEN
  23. Mike Evans @ATL
  24. Christian Watson vs DET
  25. Diontae Johnson vs. CLE
  26. Zay Jones vs TEN
  27. Drake London vs TB
  28. Courtland Sutton vs LAC
  29. DJ Chark @GB
  30. Jakobi Meyers @BUF
  31. Chris Olave vs CAR
  32. Brandon Aiyuk vs. ARI
  33. Brandin Cooks @IND
  34. Adam Thielen @CHI
  35. Darius Slayton @PHI
  36. Marquise Brown @SF
  37. Donovan Peoples-Jones @PIT
  38. Richie James @PHI
  39. Terry McLaurin vs DAL
  40. Isaiah Hodgins @PHI
  41. Allen Lazard vs DET
  42. Gabe Davis vs NE
  43. DJ Moore @NO
  44. Curtis Samuel vs. DAL
  45. Greg Dortch @SF
  46. Romeo Doubs vs DET
  47. Josh Palmer @DEN
  48. KJ Osborn @CHI
  49. Elias Moore @MIA
  50. Corey Davis @MIA

TE ratings

  1. Travis Kelce @LV
  2. TJ Hockenson @CHI
  3. Mark Andrews @CIN
  4. George Kittle vs ARI
  5. Dallas Goedert vs NYG
  6. Evan Engram vs TEN
  7. David Njoku @PIT
  8. Tyler Higbee @SEA
  9. Dalton Schultz @WAS
  10. Cole Kmet vs. MIN
  11. Pat Freiermuth vs CLE
  12. Dawson Knox vs NE
  13. Gerald Everett @DEN
  14. Juwan Johnson vs CAR
  15. Darren Waller vs KC
  16. Robert Tonyan vs. DET
  17. Daniel Bellinger @PHI
  18. Hunter Henry @BUF
  19. Jelani Woods vs. HOU
  20. Trey McBride @SF
  21. Hayden Hurst vs BAL
  22. Albert Okwuegbunam vs LAC
  23. Tyler Conklin @MIA
  24. Taysom Hill vs. CAR