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Cowboys vs. 49ers highlights: San Francisco tops Dallas in divisional round

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The NFL divisional round ended on Sunday with the San Francisco 49ers sweeping the Dallas Cowboys, winning 19-12 to advance to the NFC title game.

The 49ers will go on to face the Philadelphia Eagles next weekend for a vacancy in super bowl lvii in Arizona.

Previously, the third seed Cincinnati Bengals dropped the second seed buffalo bills by double digits to advance to the AFC title game, where they will face the Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday, Jan. 29 at 6:30 pm ET).

Here are the best plays!

San Francisco 49ers 19, Dallas Cowboys 12

Kitten on the loose!

George Kittle helped the 49ers drive into Cowboys territory on their second possession, getting a 30-yard catch to get San Francisco moving.

Dak wants this one back

Dak Prescott made the first big error of the game a little more than halfway through the first quarter.

On third and 9, he appeared not to be on the right page with Michael Gallup as his pass went straight to Deommodore Lenior, giving the 49ers the ball at the Cowboys 21-yard line.

Third and Purdy

Purdy was sacked on the 49ers’ first play after the interception, but made up for it two plays later.

The rookie found Brandon Aiyuk right on the sticks to get the first down on third-and-15. San Francisco had to settle for three, however, as they weren’t able to create the same magic again on the next three plays, giving the 49ers a 3-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Getting first the hard way

The Cowboys only needed one yard to get the first down on a third-down play at the 49ers’ 29-yard line. But Prescott had problems with the snap as they had some pre-snap movement. Luckily for them, Ezekiel Elliott overcame the deficit to get first down.

Dak-to-Dalton to a Dallas TD

After CeeDee Lamb picked up first down on a fourth-and-1 run, Prescott connected to the Cowboys’ 49ers’ 4-yard line on an 11-yard run. On the next play, he found Dalton Schultz on an action pass for a touchdown.

Brett Maher’s extra point attempt was blocked, making him just 1 for 6 in his extra point attempts since Monday’s game. Although the kick was blocked, FOX Sports color analyst Greg Olsen believed the kick would have gone wide left had it not been blocked.

No Maher on fourth down, and the call paid off.

Despite being on the 49ers’ 35-yard line, the Cowboys opted to try on fourth and 4, with Maher struggling to make an extra to point.

Mike McCarthy’s decision worked. Prescott fought back to a nine-yard gain as the pocket collapsed, picking up first down and keeping the Cowboys’ offense going before halftime.

pollard in pain

Tony Pollard had to be helped off the field and into the blue tent after his left ankle was left in an awkward position when he made a short catch.

Pollard was eventually taken to the locker room after the initial evaluation.

Pollard was ruled out when the game came back from halftime with a sprained ankle, according to FOX Sports’ Tom Rinaldi.

49ers attack Dak for pick

The Cowboys gave up the ball after going into the red zone. Prescott’s pass to Lamb was deflected by Jimmie Ward and landed in the arms of linebacker Fred Warner for the interception, halting Dallas’ momentum before halftime.

49ers take the lead going into halftime

San Francisco was able to convert on the interception. Purdy helped the 49ers drive 40 yards to get into field goal range before halftime, but not without some problems. He almost made a rookie error when he danced into the pocket on a play with seven seconds left before he threw the ball out.

Lucky for Purdy, the ball landed incomplete with a second left. This allowed Robbie Gould to make the 50-yard field goal, his third mark of the day, giving the 49ers a 9–6 halftime lead.

parsons power

Micah Parsons took down 49ers right tackle Mike McGlinchey on a rush pass late in the first half. The play has drawn comparisons to Hall of Famer Reggie White.

Joseph releases him

After the Cowboys’ second half opening drive stalled at midfield, it looked like the 49ers would have a chance to extend their lead. But Kelvin Joseph punched the free ball on Ray-Ray McCloud’s return, giving Dallas the ball at the 21-yard line.

Maher scores the field goal to tie the game

Cowboys fans were able to breathe. One play after Prescott nearly threw a skewed pick, Maher made the 25-yard field goal. Crisis averted.

Now watch me Ray-Ray

McCloud recovered after his fumble on punt return. He kicked off 53 yards to go into Cowboys territory.

San Francisco was unable to capitalize, however, as it went three and out, giving Dallas the ball back.

Place CeeDee and get a big win

Shortly after it was reported that Lamb’s fingers were tied, he made the biggest play of the game up to that point when the Cowboys got the ball back. Lamb got a 46-yard catch while being held back to put Dallas in San Francisco territory.

How did Kittle come up with this?

Purdy’s pass down the middle looked like it would go too far for Kittle to catch. But the star tight end swung the ball to himself at least three times, including once to his mask, to help snag a 30-yard gain as he fell.

Come in, Christian

Christian McCaffrey broke the tie on the first play of the fourth quarter, running for an easy score to give the 49ers a 16–9 lead.

And after making the drive play, Kittle helped celebrate.

Turbo Turpin

KaVontae Turpin took the 44-yard kickoff to help the Cowboys begin their drive into midfield.

Maher on the money

The struggling Cowboys fighter began to get back on track. After making a game-tying chip shot field goal earlier, Maher drove a 43-yard drive to cut the 49ers’ lead to 16-12 with 11 minutes left.

Dallas holds San Francisco to a field goal

The 49ers managed to kill some time after the Cowboys cut their lead. They took a 13-play drive that lasted nearly eight minutes exactly (7:59), converting on two plays of third down before having to settle for a 28-yard field goal.

The drive gave the Cowboys the ball back with 3:04 left, losing 19-12.

dak fell

After two consecutive incompletions, Prescott was sacked when trying to advance into Samson Ebukam’s pocket. Dallas opted to punt the ball with just over two minutes left, hoping it could force San Francisco to punt.

Mitchell on the move

Elijah Mitchell opened up for a 13-yard run, looking to seal the game for the 49ers. However, he went out of bounds to give the Cowboys a little more life.

What was that?

Needing a miracle with six seconds left at their own 24-yard line, Dallas ran an odd formation to try and muster some magic. Elliott lined up in center while the rest of the offensive line went out on the right. Prescott threw a quick pass down the middle to Turpin, but the Niners immediately tackled it to end the game 19-12.

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