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Could this supplement be a replacement for Ozempic - and also help you lose unwanted pounds?

Some say this popular supplement can help you lose weight — and a Chinese medicine expert on TikTok has gone viral with claims that it could even be a safe replacement for Ozempic

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It’s no secret that Ozempic has been in the news lately. The injectable drug helps individuals with type 2 diabetes control blood sugar levels, but its main ingredient, semaglutide, is also approved by the FDA to treat obesity under the name Wegovy.

The big controversy revolves around the fact that Ozempic quickly went viral for its weight-loss benefits — and that has led to a worrying shortage of diabetic patients who actually need the drug.

Recently, TikTok user Eastern Philosophy shared a story touting the benefits of hawthorn as a natural and safe alternative to Ozempic for weight loss.

Gaia Herbs is a trusted name. The company’s blend of organic hawthorn leaves and flowers, along with organic hawthorn berries, produces a powerful supplement that can support heart health, improve blood flow and increase endurance during exercise.


Many people take this herb to protect themselves from heart disease, manage high blood pressure and control cholesterol. Since interactions with prescription drugs are possible, people should only take it after their doctor’s approval.

There is certainly no shortage of household names who have confessed to using Ozempic and Wegovy, including Remi Bader and Elon Musk. Some were successful, while others swore they actually felt hungrier when they stopped.

Eastern Philosophy shared hawthorn's potential weight loss benefits as an alternative to popular drugs Ozempic and Wegovy.

Eastern Philosophy shared hawthorn’s potential weight loss benefits as an alternative to popular drugs Ozempic and Wegovy.

It might be worth pursuing a natural alternative for that reason alone – but it’s also important to consider the needs of diabetics whose lives depend on medication.

And it’s also worth considering the many other benefits of hawthorn when used as part of a healthy supplementation routine. Because it’s such a heart-friendly product, its natural strengthening effects can help you feel stronger for longer.

As blood flow in the body improves, so do oxygen and nutrient supplies – which also support better and faster muscle recovery after a workout.

Take a look at some of the hawthorn supplements available on the market today, all of which have thousands of positive reviews for their effectiveness. Used as part of a healthy routine, they can be just what you need to start a weight loss journey.

Stabilize your blood pressure while supporting blood lipid levels – and maybe even experience improved digestive health thanks to the fiber contained in hawthorn berries.

Gut health plays an equally vital role in fighting obesity. One capsule contains 565 milligrams of sea buckthorn.


With 1,200 milligrams of organic hawthorn, this blend can be an important addition to your regular supplementation if your doctor recommends that you take a higher dosage.

The antioxidant-rich blend can also prevent free radical damage to cells.


If you prefer to take your supplements and want to reap the weight loss benefits of hibiscus at the same time, this tea may be just what you need.

Some studies have found that the flowering plant can support fat loss and prevent weight gain. The calming tea also has a lovely fragrance, helping you to relax while doing something good for your health.