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Bold and Beautiful Recap: Wyatt and Liam Tell Bill to Break Up With Sheila

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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy comment that the kids will have a fun and safe day planned with Amelia. Finn has to go to work, but Steffy jokes about going back to bed. They kiss. Inevitably, the conversation turns to how they can’t believe Sheila is out there… all thanks to Bill. They step over Katie, unable to reach him. Steffy worries: “We have to get him out of his involvement with Sheila. But how?”

At Bill’s house, he wakes up to Sheila kissing his chest and moans with happiness. She tells him it was one of the best nights sleep she’s had in a long time, thanks to him. They kiss. He tells her that last night was amazing and he has never been with anyone like her before. Sheila muses: “Someone who truly and unconditionally loves you.” They kiss again.
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At the cabin, Liam tells Hope that Bill called the office again saying he was sick. Hope comments on him staying home all day with Sheila. Liam can’t understand any of this. Wyatt knocks and enters. “Thank God you are here.” He’s back from his business trip because Liam texted him that Sheila is out, free and involved with their dad. Liam explains that this is why he is so distant. Hope thinks she did something to him. Wyatt is stunned, “That can’t be true.” Liam snorts, “Well, unfortunately, it is. All of that.”
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Wyatt wonders what Bill has about Steffy and Finn that would make them keep their mouths shut about Sheila. Liam says that’s not important – what matters is his father’s involvement with Sheila. “He got lost.” Wyatt gasps: “He’s lost his mind! We need to do something.” They run over the people who know about it and Hope tells Wyatt that Bill won’t listen to anyone. Liam thinks he and Wyatt need to go over there and end this. Hope asks Liam to be careful since his father is not in his right mind and Sheila is dangerous.
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn worry that Sheila feels untouchable. “It’s only a matter of time before she starts this delusional campaign to be part of your family.” Finn swears that will never happen and tells his wife that they will figure out how to make Sheila pay for her crimes.

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At Bill’s house, he is now dressed, drinking coffee and thinking about Sheila stroking his sword when Wyatt and Liam break in. Liam informs his father that he has been making decisions that are putting his family in danger. Bill shakes his head, “There’s no danger, Liam. That’s the beauty of it. We all move on and nobody gets hurt.” Your children’s jaws drop. Wyatt exclaims that they are worried about him. Liam declares that whatever is going on with him and Sheila Carter, he has to stop it. “Here and now.”
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At work, Steffy sits at her desk and remembers Sheila showing up at the cliff house during the storm and Bill’s threats. Hope enters and apologizes – she didn’t expect her to be there today. Steffy tells her to come in and they discuss Sheila’s threat. They are shocked that Katie couldn’t reach Bill. Hope reveals that Wyatt and Liam have been to see him and will do their best to break Sheila’s hold on him. Steffy learns that Wyatt knows that Bill is blackmailing them, but not the details. They complain about Bill being manipulated by Sheila, who always manages to land on her feet. Steffy fears this will never end. Hope can understand why she feels this way. Steffy intones that Sheila may think she’s won, but she hasn’t forgotten who she is, what she’s done, or what Bill threatened to do to her mother. She won’t forget and promises to make them pay.
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At Bill’s house, Wyatt tells his father that Liam told him what he did to Steffy and Finn. “What’s happening with you?!” Liam says that Sheila is a literal threat to them. Bill retorts, “He’s not.” Liam insists that she does – she hurts people and will hurt him too. They complain that Bill has isolated himself and shut them out. He doesn’t even go to the office anymore. “This is your happy place!” Liam and Wyatt assure their father that they want to help him. “We love you.” They are here for him, but not for Sheila, that horrible person. Wyatt tells Bill, “You don’t have to play her game.” Bill intones, “There is no game.” Wyatt yells that of course there is – what other explanation could there be? Sheila appears and says, “Love. I love your father and he loves me.
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Wyatt exclaims, “You’re crazier than I thought!” They tell her to go away. She doesn’t move. Liam tells his father that he doesn’t love Sheila – he loves them, Will, Katie and Brooke, and money. Sheila complains that Katie and Brooke didn’t love Bill for who he is, unlike her. “He loves me.” Wyatt yells, “Shut up!” Bill tells Wyatt to be quiet. When he enters their house he will show some respect. With that, he walks over and puts his arm around Sheila. Liam gasps: “Dad, she tried to kill Steffy and Finn. She poisoned Brooke with alcohol. She should be in prison.” Bill says Sheila isn’t going anywhere. She is staying there with him in his house. “Sheila is my future.” Sheila snuggles into Bill’s chest and smiles to herself.

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