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Angel Dior, Gale, Yendry and more Latin artists who will be successful in 2023 – Rolling Stone

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the latin music The industry had another big year in 2022, with a 35% growth in revenue, according to the RIAA. That momentum shows no signs of slowing down, as artists like Bad Bunny and Karol G continue to top the charts and sell out massive tours – and there are even more rising stars close behind, ready to take music even further.

2022 saw many top acts from across Latin America and the diaspora. Uncompromising and unapologetically honest artists like Tokischa and Villano Antillano have found great success, while rappers like Blessd and Trueno have garnered recognition for their spontaneous, freestyle-inspired sounds. The subtle work of Mexican singer and songwriter Silvana Estrada conquered the Latin Recording Academy, which recognized her as Breakthrough Artist of the year, alongside Cuban singer Angela Alvarez, 95 years old. Meanwhile, Omar Apollo was nominated for the same award at the Grammys after releasing his brilliant LP Ivory, and Sebastián Yatra helped the music of Charm it became a viral sensation heard in every corner of the planet.

The talent pool is getting bigger and bigger, and there are tons of new artists already making it big in Latin genres. From pop pop wunderkind Gale Dior to multi-talented girl group Bella Dose, here are the artists we think will make it big in 2023.


Gale is already a force of nature. The Puerto Rican singer gained attention after writing about Christina Aguilera’s Latin Grammy-winning album Aguilera last year, and she’s spent the last few months preparing to release her own LP. She gave fans a preview of the eclectic sounds she’s been playing with on singles like “D Pic,” a pop-punk condemnation aimed at assholes who send unsolicited dick pics, and a dash of Gale’s wry, vivacious lyricism. —JL

Latvian foot

Since the release of his 2019 tropi-pop debut “The One,” Letón Pé’s rise has seemed imminent. In the past year, the Dominican bombshell has collaborated with indie pop luminaries like Clubz and Irepelusa, abandoned her home and her reggaeton-soaked debut EP La Caleta, and even took their dazzling live shows to Miami and Mexico City. Heed the wisdom of awakening single “Dale” as not just an inspirational worm, but a promise of successes to come. —trailer

angel dior

Dembow is the word, and Angel Dior is preaching it. The viral hits “AIO” and “Zuculento” established the Dominican dembowsero as the next unmistakable voice in the genre with breath-defying verses and wordless hooks, even inspiring several dance crazes. Add co-signings from pioneers like Chimbala and La Materialista, and an invitation from Bad Bunny to join his massive Santo Domingo show, and you’ve got a star poised to go global. —trailer

beautiful dose

R&B trio FLO have been successful in the UK, but America needs a girl group on the rise, too. Look no further than Bella Dose, consisting of Melany Rivera, Thais Rodriguez, Brianna Leah and Jenni Hernandez. In 2021, the bilingual group released the album in Spanish suelta, performing his bachata fugue “Si Me Llamas”. In the new year, expect the connoisseur queens of TikTok to blast the pop-rock sounds of last year’s hit “Bite” and get sexy with songs like “Talk Too Much.” With their choreographed performances and electric chemistry, the girls of Bella Dose have the star power to become Latin pop greats. —MT


In South America, Dillom is already king. The powerhouse of irreverent rap has dominated Argentina’s radio and festival circuit since 2019 with “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.9”, going stratospheric two years later with the release of its mold-shattering LP post mortem. This spring, RIP GANG’s enfant terrible will finally make their way north, with an appearance at Mexico’s Tecate Pa’l Norte festival and a thirst for world domination. Do not sleep. —trailer

Niko Rubio

The Pacific Coast Highway-inspired seaside sounds from Niko Rubio’s debut EP I wish you were here earned the Salvadoran-Mexican singer an opening spot on tour with Omar Apollo last year. In recent months, she’s released the coquettish bedroom pop single “Dream Girl,” the melancholy pop-punk track “Love Me Till U Hate Me” and the Julieta Venegas-style “Olvidar De Ti” — and the self-proclaimed “Princesa del Mar” ” is set to make waves in the new year. —MT


Since 2019, Dominican-Italian singer Yendry has been building a steady fan base, drawing listeners in with a rich, velvety voice that can tackle any genre. Her influences criss-cross the world and range from deconstructed and forward-looking variations of R&B, dembow, reggae, pop and more, proving the ease with which she can glide into any genre. She’s spent 2022 collaborating with everyone from J Balvin to Damian Marley, and an album she’s been working on for over a year marks her next big career leap. —JL

luna luna

Luna Luna’s music is like falling in love. The Texas-born band brings together lo-fi pop, funk and R&B with dreamy, relatable lyrics in both English and Spanish. Five years after their debut LP, group members Kavvi Gonzalez, Danny Bonilla, Kaylin Martinez and Ryan Gordon have found a community of indie music lovers of color on TikTok. After releasing the comeback single “Talk Too Much” last year, Luna Luna is gearing up to release more music and grow even bigger in 2023. —MT


Yadam had a multicultural upbringing, growing up in the United States, Venezuela and France, and his music sounds like a tapestry woven with all the influences around him. Songs like “Otras Mujeres,” a tender track written to empower queer listeners to “take the power of who they love and how they are loved back in their hands,” offers insight into how Yadam elegantly blends sounds and styles into emotional tracks. that are discreet but powerful. —JL


loyal wolves

Eternal, Andrea Silva’s debut album as Loyal Lobos, was full of refined reveries that established her as an introspective singer, songwriter and guitarist, constantly bridging bicultural worlds through her music. Through bilingual lyrics, she captured memories and a sense of nostalgia from her childhood in Colombia while reflecting on her life in Los Angeles. “Bummed,” a catchy single from late 2022, previews the new music she’s been working on and showcases how she’s refined her confessional songwriting and graceful sound. —JL