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Witness at Tory Lanez trial says first shot came from a woman

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A witness to the July 2020 shooting involving Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez testified that he saw what appeared to be the first shot fired by a woman, not a man.

On Tuesday (December 20), Senior Law & Crime Reporter Meghann Cuniff shared details of the testimony given by Sean Kelly, Lanez’s lead defense witness. The Los Angeles resident lives on the street where the fight between the two rap stars and Megan’s former friend, Kelsey Harris, took place, and saw it all happen from her bedroom window.

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According to Kelly, he was awakened by noises, looked out the window and witnessed two women fighting near a car parked on the street in front of his house.

“They were pulling their hair and hitting each other. It was quite violent,” she described. The witness also stated that the first initial flash came from one of the women who were fighting. During his direct cross-examination, Lanez defense attorney George Mgdesyan asked Kelly if he saw the shorter man, referring to his client, holding a gun in his hand during the incident. He replied: “Yes”.

The witness testified that he saw the driver dressed in black, who got out of the vehicle and “joined the fight”. Kelly has repeatedly stated that she saw a pipe flash multiple times and heard what appeared to be fireworks, but is adamant about the flashes coming from one of the women.

However, the witness also stated that the smaller individual, referring to Lanez, also got out of the vehicle and started screaming. After that, Kelly saw more flashes.

Although he recalled flashes coming from Lanez’s direction after exiting the vehicle, Kelly testified that he did not see a gun at that moment and stated that the flashes started with “the girls”. He stated that he never heard anyone say, “Dance, bi**h”, as Meg had previously claimed.

“Kelly said the shorter guy ‘was really angry’ and was yelling,” Cuniff reported in a tweet. “He said the flashes ‘came from him,’ but cautioned, ‘I never saw a gun.’

In another Cuniff post, Kelly is reported to have claimed, “I believe I saw the girl shoot first”, but that she was unaware the woman had a gun and attributed the noise she heard when she saw the barrel go off to “fireworks”.

However, still in his testimony, Kelly claimed that he later saw a man and a woman shooting during the incident.

“I said they were both shooting,” Kelly said when asked by Mgdesyan. He also stated that he saw Lanez “pushing and fighting” both Megan and Harris.

“Everybody was struggling,” he added. Even the driver. He also claimed that he saw “the shortest guy” with a gun in his hand, but never saw him take the gun away from any of the women.

The witness also said that one of the women and the two men began to assault the other woman and that he thought they were trying to kill her.

“Everybody started hitting one girl,” Kelly said. “To me it looked like they were going to throw it in the river.” Kelly also remembers the driver saying that the police were on their way and that they put the beaten woman in the Escalade before she fled the scene.

Kelly’s testimony is the latest in the trial stemming from the 2020 incident, in which Megan Thee Stallion claims Tory Lanez shot her during a heated dispute. The Grammy-nominated rapper and singer is facing charges of assault with a semi-automatic firearm, possession of a concealed and unregistered firearm and grossly negligent firearm discharge.

If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 22 years in prison and deportation to Canada. Lanez, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges, continues to claim his innocence.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the hitmaker’s DNA was not found in the magazine inside the gun that shot Megan. However, tests that determined whether his DNA is on the actual firearm used were inconclusive.

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