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What's next for Derek Carr?

New England Patriots vs Las Vegas Raiders

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The bench placement of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr becomes a clear and obvious indication that the team is through with him. during thursday PFT livewe address the difficulties inherent in marketing Carr.

Bottom line, the Raiders can’t trade him before $40.4 million in injury guarantees turn into full guarantees. Any informal agreement to trade him on the league’s first day of the year in March would be completely unenforceable. The new team can fold, leaving the Raiders with a purse of $40.4 million.

Additionally, Carr has a non-trade clause. As we’ve said in the past, however, it’s not as important in quarterback deals; no team will trade for a quarterback that doesn’t want to join that team – especially not with a $40.4 million obligation from the time the trade takes place.

So yes, the Raiders will possibly have to cut Carr. Anyway, he will have a new team in 2023. When he does, where will it be?

Here is a possible broad list of teams that would possibly consider you.

Commanders: They’re always looking for quarterback solutions, and former Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio is on the team there (at least for now) as defensive coordinator.

Jets: Mike White should be a free agent, and Zach Wilson is supposedly done for. Carr can be an update on the other options.

Patriots: If they were done with Mac Jones (or if Jones was done with them), could they find a way to coach Carr? It would be an intriguing wrinkle given that former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has decided after a year that Carr is not the answer.

Dolphins: What will you do with Tua Tagovailoa, who is entering the final year of his contract? A decision is expected to be made on his fifth-year option in May 2023. A bigger decision could be made on retaining a quarterback who has become a perpetual risk for his next concussion.

Ravens: Carr, in theory, becomes an option if they trade Lamar Jackson. But they would have to re-equip their offense a lot more by pivoting to Carr than if they simply switched to Tyler Huntley.

Titans: All options could be on the table at quarterback in Nashville depending on how the current season ends.

Texans: They will be looking for a quarterback, and most assume they would pick one. It would be fitting for David Carr’s brother to come to Houston and prosper.

Colts: After Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan, the Colts prefer to go out through the revolving door of veteran quarterbacks. Carr could be better than any of the others they’ve added.

Giants: David Carr won a Super Bowl with the Giants, albeit as a backup. Many assume they will retain Daniel Jones. Is Derek Carr a better player overall? This is something for the front office and coaching staff to decide.

Lions: The assumption was from Jared Goff to Jared Goff in 2023. That was before Derek Carr became available.

The entire NFC South: Every team in football’s worst division doesn’t have a defined, defined quarterback. Each of them could (should) rate Carr.

Seahawks: Geno Smith and Drew Lock are set to be free agents. If nothing else, Carr could provide a little leverage to make Geno have more reasonable contractual expectations.

Rams: Yes, the Rams. Matthew Stafford won a Super Bowl last year. But he will be 35 in February. And he’s an old 35. He’s had more than a few injuries, and we possibly only know about a few of them. He also has $57 million in compensation that becomes fully guaranteed in March 2023. Given the cap hit on last year’s extension, however, the Rams may have no choice but to bite the bullet on his woeful second quarterback contract. consecutive.

Nowhere: Carr may retire, if he means the things he has said in the past about playing only for the Raiders. More recently, Carr said this when signing his latest contract: “I just wanted to be a Raider. And I said to my agent, ‘Either I’m going to be a Raider or I’m going to play golf, like I don’t want to play anywhere else.’ That’s how much this place means to me.”

He may feel differently now that “this place” has let him know there is no place for him. If he changes positions and only plays for the Raiders, he has options.