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What this month has in store for your sign

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Welcome to 2023! A new year is upon us and the stars have a new batch of goodies. Before getting into the individual horoscopes for January 2023, let’s break down what the month has to offer the collective – and take a look at our general 2023 horoscopes for the year ahead.

The main takeaway from this month’s astrological happenings: change is happening at an accelerated pace. Hold tight so you can keep up.

An overview of the important astrological dates for January 2023

Venus slides into Aquarius on Jan. 2, cooling our romantic inclinations until the romantic planet swims into Pisces on Jan. 26.

The full moon in Cancer on January 6 offers us an emotional fresh start to the new year. Mars ends its retrograde on Jan. 12 in Gemini, which it began on Oct. 30. Our energy levels and tempers will rise after months of slowing down.

Mercury retrograde ends Jan. 18 in Capricorn, resolving the retrograde journey that began Dec. 29. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th, urging us to embrace our individuality and humanity. The Aquarius new moon on Jan. 21 allows us to lean into our 2023 intentions and manifestations. Rebellious Uranus in Taurus turns direct on Jan. 22, after doing backflips since Aug. 24, 2022.

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You are becoming more discerning about the people you choose to have in your inner circle, realizing that negativity is a choice. By surrounding yourself with people who see the bright side of things, you’ll find that you smile more. Enemies can add a little excitement to your life, sure – but you’re freer without the drama. Think about who is by your side. Thank them in any way you see fit.


New year, new opportunity? 2023 might bring a chance to showcase your talents, starting in Jan. 2 when Venus enters Aquarius. As the month progresses, the new moon in Aquarius on January 21 brings inventive and exciting professional projects your way—most of which will get your creative spirit soaring. When Uranus turns retrograde along your Sun on January 22nd, you’ll find that you have a unique sense of transforming and changing the work you’re doing. With the right amount of enthusiasm, you can evolve your game into the future.


You may feel lost at the beginning of the month, but help is on the way: find relief on January 12th and 18th, when Mars and Mercury turn direct. From then on, you can feel supercharged and ready to take on the new year. By the time Aquarius season kicks off on January 20th, you’ll have wind under your wings. Climb every mountain, follow every rainbow, and face the world with the optimistic perspective you’ve been missing since Mars’ retrograde began on Oct. 30.


The new year begins with a flurry of sentimentality, as the powerful full moon on January 6 aligns with your Sun sign, amplifying the tender feelings that lie deep within your heart. But it can leave you vulnerable: be prepared for plenty of miscommunications and frustrations with friends and family until Mercury ends its U-turn on Jan. 18. The advantage is that you will have the chance to solve some problems in relationships with the incentive to become closer to others. The new moon on January 21 intensifies these bonds and strengthens these foundations. Uranus’s direct movement on Jan. 22 also solidifies the connections.


Hold tight, Leo. Many changes are happening in your world this month, and 2023 can start with a sense of action and disorientation. Keep an eye out for workplace dynamics coming under review during the Aquarius new moon and Uranus’ direct move into Taurus on January 21st and 22nd. Ask yourself how you can feel grounded amidst any turmoil, and follow the answer.


You’re wanting to be more in the moment and take risks. What’s holding you back then? It could be Mercury retrograde. Once your planetary ruler, Mercury, stars move forward, you will be able to more easily embrace your art and step out of the shadows into the light of your talents. It can feel vulnerable to share yourself with the world. Be brave this month and show the best of you.


It is difficult to always remain balanced and centered. There comes a time when you need to roar and let it all out. Give yourself the opportunity to release the anger and frustration inside you in a calm and balanced way through activities like yoga and meditation. This will allow you to find your balance, especially when the going gets tough.


You like the way things are – you are a creature of habit and you have wisely designed your habits to suit you. But the month ahead may require flexibility and you stepping out of your regular regimen. During the new moon in Aquarius, try to go with the flow instead of trying to direct the flow yourself.


Sagittarius, the only way to know how to dream is to dream great. You are a visionary and you hold your aspirations close to your heart. Before sharing your precious ideas with people, make sure you’ve thought about them, and make sure you trust your confidants. Don’t spill the beans… just to have someone to steal the beans. Instead, act independently and share the fruits of your labor with others.


There’s so much you’ve accomplished. Take stock of how much you’ve traveled and write down where you want to go next. In January, start with a new vision board to outline what you want to bring into your life. Starting the new year off right is an excellent way to affirm your visions in everything you do in 2023.


Things are lining up for you this month. After a month of hibernation due to the seasonal change, you’re finally out to play during your solar return, which begins on January 20th. Approximately 24 hours later, the new moon aligns with your Sun and Venus, bringing warm vibes and abundance to you. . Also, Uranus, your modern planetary ruler, rotates direct on January 22nd, allowing you to put plans into action. Use these dates as an opportunity to voice goals and hopes for 2023. It’s a great way to start your personal and professional journey in the coming year.


Real talk: you’re giving too much affection to someone who might not be worth your time. Take a step back and assess whether they are worthy of your tenderness. Chances are, only a select few will actually reciprocate your kindness and love the way you need to. In late January, when Venus aligns with your Sun on January 26th, you’ll start to ask for more in relationships.

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