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Kyle Kuzma Calls Lakers Trade Rumors About Reacquiring Him 'A Blessing'

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Current Washington Wizards forward and former Lakers champion Kyle Kuzma isn’t exactly being subtle about his love for the city of Los Angeles, even as he insists he won’t demand a trade back to his old team before his impending free agency. .

Ahead of his return to take on the Purple and Gold on Sunday, his latest dalliances with his former organization came via an interview with Fox Sports’ Mellisa Rohlin, in which he made no secret of how flattered he is by the Lakers’ interest. in reacquiring it:

The irony was not lost on Kyle Kuzma.

After being on the trading block for virtually his entire four-season career with the Lakers, LA reportedly asked about buying him from the Washington Wizards, as Bleacher report reported for the first time🇧🇷

“I think it just goes to show that the grass isn’t always greener,” Kuzma told FOX Sports. “It’s definitely a good thing because at the end of the day it means I’ve been playing well and I have value in this league that a team would want to trade for me. Its a blessing.”

This is at least the fourth interview Kuzma has given about his upcoming free agency — he said he’s opting out of his contract this summer — in less than a week before his return to LA, following comments previously published in The Athletic, ESPN and The Washington Post.

But while all that apparent free agent flirting with his former front office may make it seem like he’s itching to get back together – and that’s not to mention your melancholy tweets about his adopted home state — some of his other comments to Rohlin cast little doubt on just how willingly he would accept being an actor again.

Kuzma told Rohlin that while he knows sacrifice is necessary for every champion, “it was tough being that little brother on the team.”

“One night, you can get 10 shots. The next night, maybe they just need you to recover. The next night you can have 15 minutes. The next night you can get 29 [minutes]🇧🇷 Never know. That is [not getting] the right end of the rod.”

“… When I was in the moment and I was young, [I was] frustrated many nights because, man, I really want this. I really want this. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m very competitive. I really love basketball. Many nights it bothered me that I never got the chance to do what I’m doing now, play myself.”

But even with those concerns expressed, it’s also fair to note that things might be a little different this time around. For one thing, Anthony Davis has now taken on his role as the team’s starting center, which means there’s another point of attack alongside LeBron James for Kuzma to fill instead of having to come off the bench to play in his best position. And while James’ usage rate is about the same as ever during his L.A. tenure, by the eye test he’s more willing to relinquish some ball-handling responsibilities, so it’s possible Kuz will be more likely to cook, especially if Kuzma was also providing the length and size for the guard wings, the Lakers were sorely lacking in their Lilliputian starting lineup.

Plus, with Kuz apparently graduating as the #1 student at the DeMar DeRozan Institute for publicly flirting with the Lakers, it’s fair to guess that he’s interested in a reunion and is likely aware of what he’d have to do to fit in. , regardless of those comments about how difficult it was in spots the first time around.

Still, these are the kinds of questions about suitability, personal goals, and more that the Lakers will have to weigh internally as they debate how badly they should want to bring Kuzma back, not to mention the fact that they won’t be alone in the bidding with the Wizards for his services, or that Washington may still decide not to trade him. For now, the only thing we know for sure is that Kuzma is nowhere near hiding his wandering gaze. Where this leads is anyone’s guess.

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