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Jerry Rosburg Says Broncos Need to 'Clean Up Our Own Mess'

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Denver Broncos interim head coach Jerry Rosburg has two weeks ahead of him as the guy in charge of speaking his mind, and it’s clear he intends to pull no punches while he does.

“This organization has been through a lot … it’s a mess,” Rosburg said on Friday. “You all know this, the fans are tired of this and we made this mess… [And] we have to clean up our own mess, these players, these coaches, we have to clean up after ourselves, we have to humble ourselves and change this. And this is fertile ground, this is an incredible franchise, three Super Bowl trophies, Hall of Famers. It shouldn’t be like this. I may not be around to see them bloom, but this will be a rich garden.”

Rosburg, who joined the Broncos in September at the behest of general manager George Paton to help with the team’s management issues at the time, was moved to the interim head coach role on Monday. Nathaniel Hackett, who was in his first year as head coach, was fired Sunday just hours after the Broncos fell to 4-11 with a 51-14 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium.

Rosburg joked that in his limited window as head coach, “I can do whatever I want. I’m doing whatever I want”.

But Rosburg won’t let the Broncos reach the finish line in this disappointing season. He put the Broncos on full pads for Thursday practice and had the field crew clear about a foot of snow from the practice fields so the Broncos could still practice outside Thursday and Friday after a quick storm.

The Broncos are already set to miss the playoffs for a seventh straight season and now face the daunting task of taking on the “star-studded” Kansas City Chiefs – on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, Rosburg said.

However, when asked about his first NFL head coaching game against the 12-3 Chiefs, Rosburg said, “I’m not scared.”

Rosburg, a longtime NFL assistant who spent 11 seasons under John Harbaugh as special teams coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, was essentially retired from the league when Paton recalled him earlier this season after the Broncos had repeated troubles. game management. Rosburg worked with the team’s analytics department, “guys who scored 1,600 on their SATs,” until he was switched to the interim head coach job on Monday.

He’s been assertive at every level since the temporary promotion, including the firing of offensive line coach Butch Barry and special teams coordinator Dwayne Stukes on Monday.

On Friday, he addressed several Broncos players this week, publicly criticizing the criticism quarterback Russell Wilson has faced this season following Hackett’s firing.

Rosburg said wide receiver Jerry Jeudy “is my hero today” for being one of those players.

“I have to watch my vocabulary here, but there’s a lot of crap out there,” said Rosburg. “[Jeudy] buried himself and rose with great courage and conviction about the truth, I would say.”

“Sure they did,” added Rosburg when asked about other players who supported Wilson. “What’s a signature word? Shit, [the reports are] a lot of crap. When they see that, I really appreciate the guys doing that.”

Wilson, who signed a five-year, $245 million contract extension in September, is on course for a career low in touchdown passes – he has 12 of his 13 starts – and has been sacked a league-leading 49 times. .

“Our job as coaches and teammates, if we really want to make a statement, let’s do it on Sunday,” said Rosburg. “We’re going to play our game – we’re going to play well and we’re going to train well and we’re going to give him the opportunities he deserves to show what a great centre-back he is. That’s action. All the other things we can say, they’re of no value unless Let’s play that way.”