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Chinese human rights activist Jennifer Zeng, who tweeted about the Covid horror in Chinaon Wednesday shared a series of tweets revealing how authorities attempted to cover up the death of a graduate student at a Sichuan University-affiliated hospital after allegedly forcing him to work despite being tested. Covid-19 positive.

Jennifer, citing posts on social media, also claimed that the parents of Chen Jiahui, 23, “were forced to promise not to perform an autopsy” before being allowed to take the body away.

Sharing a video purportedly of Chen in the hospital, Jenniffer tweeted: “Disturbing! According to Chinese social media, Chen Jiahui, 23, a graduate student at West China Hospital affiliated with Sichuan University, was forced to work after testing positive for #COVID. After 3 days of high-intensity work, on December 13, he suddenly collapsed and died 30 minutes after being rushed to West China Hospital.”

“In order not to take responsibility, when all the medical data showed that he was already dead, the hospital pretended to try to ‘save’ him. After 12 hours of LUCAS rescue show(?), ‘we managed to turn the corpse into rotten ground beef as well as an edematous giant,'” she said in another tweet.

Jennifer added that the hospital announced that he died of sudden cardiac death on December 14th. “His parents were forced to promise not to perform an autopsy before being allowed to take the body away. The body was immediately cremated,” the activist tweeted.

Sharing another video, Jennifer said it is said to be “the video when they did a ‘rescue show'”. same thing with doctor #LiWenliang, trying to resurrect her body as a show,” she alleged.

“On Dec. 11, around 300 students from Sichuan University’s West China School of Clinical Medicine marched to demand ‘equal pay for equal work and rejection of double standards!’,” she said, sharing a report in “Chinese language ” about the incident.

Meanwhile, in another tweet, Jenniffer shared a video of a “funeral home in Beijing”. “When the man who recorded the video asks the two workers why they don’t wear glasses to protect themselves, they say, ‘We’ve already tested positive. We are all positive. We are pushing bodies in 24 hours’, says the man at the end”, he claimed.

HT was unable to independently verify the authenticity of these videos.

Some scientists have warned that the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 in China could spur the emergence of new variants, which could undo progress made globally to contain the pandemic.

The head of the World Health Organization said the agency is “very concerned” about the rise in reports of serious illness from the coronavirus in China after the country largely abandoned its “zero Covid” policy, warning that its rate of Delayed vaccination can result in a large number of vulnerable people. be infected.



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