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Eagles root guide for Week 17 games

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The penultimate weekend of the 2022 NFL regular season is here! It’s time to run through a Philadelphia Eagles-focused rooting guide for all of their Week 17 games.

This exercise will be especially interesting this year, as the Birds have more to worry about than usual due to a first-round pick by the New Orleans Saints in the 2023 NFL Draft.



Via Tankathon:


NEW ORLEANS SAINTS at the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: The Eagles can secure the No. 1 ranking in the NFC playoff picture with a win. They can also help ensure that the Saints’ first round pick due to Philly is at least a top 10 selection. Really have to win!


DALLAS COWBOYS: Had the Cowboys lost or tied on Thursday Night Football, the Eagles would have officially clinched the division. This did not happened.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at the NEW YORK GIANTS: There are two different lines of thought here. A Colts victory helps the Eagles when it comes to rooting for the Saints’ pick due to Philly having passed Indy’s draft spot. A Giants victory, meanwhile, guarantees a playoff berth and gives New York less motivation to beat the Eagles in Week 18. If you’re worried about the Eagles losing to the Saints, then the latter scenario is for you. preferred. . But if you’re rooting for the Eagles’ draft pick optimization, you’ll be rooting for the Colts. It also might not hurt that Nick Foles is starting for Indy. Root for the Colts.

CLEVELAND BROWNS in WASHINGTON COMMANDERS: A Browns win is best for optimizing the Eagles’ draft pick, as Cleveland is directly below the Saints’ pick owed to Philly in the draft order. But a Commanders victory works to prevent Aaron Rodgers from entering the postseason. I know the Eagles already beat him, but you’re crazy if you’d rather see him in the playoffs than Carson Wentz. Cheer for the Commanders.


SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS at the LAS VEGAS LACKERS: The Raiders are currently ranked 9th in the draft, one spot ahead of the Saints’ pick due to Philly at 10th. got to play a road game in Minny before an NFC Championship Game in Philly. The 49ers loss also gives the Eagles more breathing room in case Philly fails to clinch the No. 1 spot this week. Root for the Raiders.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS at the GREEN BAY PACKERS: The Vikings loss gives the Eagles more breathing room in case Philly fails to clinch the No. 1 spot this week. If the 49ers AND Vikings lose, the Eagles can lose and still claim first place with a Dallas loss in Week 18. Then again, it won’t be nice to see Rodgers one step closer to the playoffs with a Packers win. But we’re approaching this scenario with the attitude that other NFC wildcard teams will win enough to keep it out. Root for the Packers.

CAROLINA PANTHERS at the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: If the Saints beat the Eagles, New Orleans has a 24% chance of making the playoffs with a Panthers victory and only a 4% chance of making the playoffs with a Bucs victory. Plus, a Bucs victory means clinching the NFC South and likely hosting Dallas in the wild card round. Tom Brady never lost to the Cowboys. Cheer for the Buccaneers.

CHICAGO BEARS at the DETROIT LIONS: The Eagles would probably rather face the Lions in the playoffs than the Packers. But they would probably rather face the Commanders than the Lions. Cheer for the Lions.

JETS OF NEW YORK at the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The Eagles would rather see Geno Smith than Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs if that’s the case. Root for the Seahawks.


ARIZONA CARDINALS at the ATLANTA FALCONS: The Saints’ pick due to Philly has a better chance of moving ahead of the Falcons’ draft spot. Root for the Falcons.

DENVER BRONCOS at the KANSAS CITY CHIEF: Rooting for the Broncos is an exercise in futility, especially with them playing the Chiefs. But it’s best for the Eagles’ draft pick optimization hopes. Root for the Broncos.

MIAMI DOLPHINS at the PATRIOTS OF NEW ENGLAND: The Saints likely won’t be lower than the Pats in the draft order, but a Pats win would help ensure that. Cheer for the Patriots.

BRANCHES OF LOS ANGELES at the LOS ANGELES SHIPPERS: The Rams’ draft pick owed to Detroit has a chance of falling short of the Saints’ draft pick owed to Philly. Root for the Rams.

PITTSBURGH STEELERS at the BALTIMORE CROWS: The Saints likely won’t fall short of the Steelers in the draft, but a Steelers win would help ensure that. Root for the Steelers.


JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS at the HOUSTON TEXANS: This game doesn’t really matter that much to the Jags, as they still need to beat Tennessee in Week 18 to clinch the AFC South. But why not root for Doug Pederson to win anyway. Cheer for the Jaguars.

BUFFALO BILLS at the CINCINNATI BENGALS: Call me crazy, but if I’m the Eagles, I’d rather see the Bills than the Bengals in the Super Bowl. Something about Joe Burrow scares me, though I believe that Josh Allen, an excellent player, is more likely to make an erratic mistake or two. Root for the accounts.