Brandon Inniss

now this Jayden Bonsu finally signed with Ohio State a day later than expected, the Buckeyes are officially done with the 2023 recruiting class.

Twenty prospects signed with Ohio State – 10 on offense and 10 on defense. With the signature class now finalized, it’s time to have some fun and hand out superlatives to players in the fifth nationally ranked signature class, by 247Sports.

  • Player Most Likely to Have Best Career at Ohio State: Brandon Inniss🇧🇷 That seems almost like cheating, considering he’s the highest-ranked player in the 247Sports composite rankings signed by Ohio State and their only five-star recruit. But it would be nearly impossible to pick anyone besides him, considering he’s one of the most college-ready wide receivers in the class of 2023. Inniss may have to wait his turn to significantly contribute to OSU’s offense, considering the sheer depth the Buckeyes have. have in that position. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him snapped in blowout wins similar to Marvin Harrison Jr. in 2021 before breaking out in 2022. Inniss screams the future NFL first-round draft pick with his vast array of tools, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see some of his fellow wide receivers join him walking the stage in three or four years.
  • Most Underrated Player: Austin Siereveld🇧🇷 My sincere apologies to Kayden McDonald, who I consider the runner-up in this superlative (but more on that in a moment). It’s impossible for me not to pick Siereveld, even though his 247Sports composite ranking is 249 nationally. Of the four forwards signed, Siereveld has the biggest body, currently standing at 6’10” and 320 pounds. He was determined to win his one-on-one matchup against any player he faced, be it on the offensive or defensive line. Off the field, Siereveld is a reserved and well-mannered guy. On the field, he plays with one of the biggest bad streaks of the Class of 2023, as evidenced by getting into a minor fight with his friend and teammate Malik Hartford when their schools played each other in the fall. Additionally, he is a lineman who can casually kick the ball for over 50 yards. How is this guy not a future first-team All-Big Ten guard?
  • Player most likely to play a big role right away: Jermaine Matthews or Calvin Simpson-Hunt🇧🇷 Perhaps that prediction is a little in flux because Kayin Lee’s move to Auburn could mean the Buckeyes hit the transfer portal hard to get a veteran cornerback. Still, that looks to be the toughest position for Ohio State in 2023, with uncertainty over who will start at cornerback alongside Denzel Burke. This year, the second cornerback was a mix between Cameron Brown, JK Johnson, Jyaire Brown and Jordan Hancock due to injuries and inconsistent performances. Day has also shown a tendency to let rookie cornerbacks play right away if he feels they are capable of contributing early, such as starting Burke as a true rookie in 2021 and letting Brown see snaps in 2022. Mathews and Simpson-Hunt project to be legitimate blocking cornerbacks and they already look relatively ready for college. It wouldn’t come as a surprise for them to make their way onto the field sooner rather than later.
  • Player most likely to be future team captain: Luke Montgomery🇧🇷 I mean, could it be anyone else? Montgomery took over the peer recruiting role in 2023 that CJ Hicks filled for the class of 2022 and is one of the most vocal signers of the entire group. Montgomery has a leadership presence that people are naturally drawn to, and he has gone out of his way to improve his craft on the field and make potential targets feel welcome at Ohio State. Montgomery has the makings of a player who will earn Block 0 honor some day, and the Buckeyes will undoubtedly benefit from his presence.
  • Player Most Likely To Line Up Somewhere Other Than His Natural Position: Kayden McDonald🇧🇷 Maybe that’s what I’m talking about, but I’m begging Ryan Day to at least consider creating a goal-line package for the 6-foot-3, 310-pound defensive tackle as a running back. In his senior season at North Gwinnett, McDonald rushed for 409 yards on 77 carries with 11 touchdowns. Now, I’m not exactly saying he’s going to have a Cade Stover-style trajectory where he (temporarily) changes positions full-time. However, opposing linebackers groaned as they saw McDonald run down the field to carry the rock.
  • Player with the weirdest introduction to Ohio State’s fan base: Cedrick Hawkins🇧🇷 This is more a chance to look back than forward, but it’s going to be hard for me to forget where I was when Hawkins committed to the Buckeyes. The answer? The north end zone of Rose Bowl Stadium taking pictures during the second quarter of the Buckeyes’ eventual Rose Bowl victory over Utah. In my two years in eleven warriors, is the weirdest engagement announcement I can remember. Typically, when a player commits, readers of our site will often make a comment along the lines of “BOOM” or “welcome to the brotherhood” or “I love how this guy plays!” You get the idea. I remember about 75 percent of my and Eleven Warriors mentions on social media looking something like “great, can he play the second half?” while Ohio State’s defense was being torn apart by the Utes. The commitment was also oddly notable because almost no recruiting experts saw it coming, as Hawkins had not been publicly linked to Ohio State since he camped in Columbus earlier that summer. While his commitment was notable, the rest of the draft went relatively smoothly, as Hawkins visited Columbus several times and promptly signed on Wednesday. The Florida prospect will now work to make a notable name for himself on Scarlet and Gray rather than just his story of how he got there.