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Devin Singletary, Raheem Mostert, Jaylen Waddle and others

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The Miami Dolphins will face the Buffalo Bills in Week 15, but the weather conditions are expected to be very unfavorable before and during the game. With several feet of snow already on the ground and more on the way, who can you start or sit in your fantasy football lineup? Let’s take a look at the top players you should consider.

Be sure to check weather conditions before kickoff. The advice below is based on heavy snow weather forecasts. If that’s not the case, the fantasy board changes slightly in terms of which players start and sit.

Update: Jeff Wilson Jr. is inactive for the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins vs. bills sit’em

Tua Tagovailoa, QB

The weather has a fairly large impact on Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins’ passing game. There is certainly room for Tua to get the ball into the hands of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle and then make plays. However, this is difficult to do consistently, and we can see that it’s reverses and transfers that end up being used by the Dolphins to achieve this.

Tua can use her legs to make plays, and sometimes she probably will. However, unlike Josh Allen, I don’t expect to see Mike McDaniel call many planned running plays for his QB in this matchup. In the Superflex leagues, I would still start Tua, but he’s someone outside of my top 12 QBs. Of course, if the snow subsides before the game or it doesn’t seem as extreme, it’s back in contention.

James Cook, RB

James Cook is a tougher player to pay than other RBs. His role in recent weeks has been as much a passing role as anything else. While I expect him to work with Singletary, he should be the veteran the Bills will face this week.

Cook still has some intriguing value in 16-team leagues, and if the snow is too heavy he could consider himself in 14-team. However, he is not an option I would very confidently start in 14-team leagues.

Gabe Davis, WR

Gabe Davis has been a rise and fall option all season, and that’s not something that fills me with confidence. He’s only gone 40 yards once in the last four weeks, though he found the end zone at least two weeks ago. Even so, he finished with only a fantasy 8.5 points at mid-PPR.

If this game is dominated by runs, it could present an opportunity as defenders move closer to the line of scrimmage. In the Underdog Fantasy Best Ball drafts, I would consider throwing a late-round pick on Davis because he only needs a 40-yard touchdown to bring tremendous value. I’m not relying on that in my traditional leagues, but where I get the good points without taking any risks, Davis is a dream option.

If the snow is clear, Davis is a flexible 12-team option, but the risk-reward balance is a tightrope for fantasy managers.

Jaylen Waddle, WR

The Jaylen Waddle decision may be the hardest of all. To be clear, this is not a blanket seat. Much of this will depend on the conditions at kickoff. Without the snow, Waddle is a top 20 WR pick for Week 15. However, if the snow turns out to be as bad as some predict, my only concern is that he doesn’t get enough opportunities to be a starting option.

In 14- and 16-team leagues, I would still be looking for Waddle, but in 12-team leagues, he has plummeted my rating. Some names I’m debating for Waddle’s restart include Zay Jones, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Allen Lazard and Brandon Aiyuk. That puts it in the WR30 region, which is Flex’s starting level in 12-team leagues.

Dawson Knox, TE

I’m always looking for a reason to get talked into starting Dawson Knox, and there isn’t enough this week to make me go down that path. He had his best fantasy return of the season last week with 41 yards and a touchdown.

However, in a game where passing can be reduced, it’s hard to see Knox getting enough targets to be a 12- or 14-team option this week.

Dolphins vs. bills start ’em

Josh Allen, QB

Josh Allen is a unique quarterback for these circumstances because he has some parts of his game that put him in a position to succeed. In terms of the passing game, Allen has the arm strength to cut through the elements. While you still don’t want to rely on him to throw the ball 20+ yards downfield, he’ll also be less impacted than other passers on 10-15 yard passes, which can have a lot of value.

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Likewise, Allen can use his legs to make plays, which in a snow game will be crucial. His ceiling might not be as high as it would be in a normal week, but you’re unlikely to have a good enough backup option to restart Allen. Unless you’re sitting down with an Allen and Hurts combination, or Allen and Fields, this is a pretty easy decision to start with Allen.

Devin Singletary, RB

The running game for both sides can be instrumental, and Devin Singletary can be a huge beneficiary. Singletary is still seemingly the leader when it comes to rush attempts on the Bills’ offense.

So there’s a good chance he’ll carry the ball 20 or more times this game. Allen and use of him around the goal line will limit the cap, but it looks like a game where Singletary could turn into a starting value 12 team.

Raheem Mostert, RB

Raheem Mostert is in a similar situation to Singletary. With Jeff Wilson Jr. inactive, he must be the leader. I’m not expecting the Dolphins to give Mostert the ball more than 30 times, but somewhere around 20-25 is more than possible if there’s snow during the game. That kind of volume should set Mostert up as at least a 14-team option, and potentially even an entry-level 12-team Flex-level option.

Stefon Diggs, WR

Stefon Diggs is always a difficult player to bench, even in a snowstorm. His talent, in combination with Allen’s ability to cut through the elements with his passes, should mean he still sees around 8-10 touches. His roof is damaged by this time, but not enough to bank him.

Tyreek Hill, WR

Similar to Diggs, Hill isn’t someone you’re bankrolling for no extreme reason. If that weather was combined with it being limited, then it could be a consideration. However, he has been cleared of last week’s ankle problem, so it should be a full try this one.

We saw last week how electric Hill can be in space, and no matter what the weather, Miami will be looking to get the ball for him in space. He only needs to interrupt a play to become a starting option. I’ll bet on the odds that he makes it instead of completely failing because of the weather.