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Chiefs-Broncos Week 17: 5 questions with the enemy

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On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs face the denver broncos. According DraftKings Sportsbook, Kansas City is the favorite to win. We salute Ian St. Claire in Mile High Report – our sister site SBNation covering the Denver Broncos – to Five Questions to the Enemy.

1. So it was a quiet week, huh? Describe this season in your own words.

The best way to describe this season: a massive dumpster fire inside a burning building. For seven years, Broncos Country bought everything this broken organization sold – and that was by far the biggest blow. In my lifetime of watching the Broncos – over 40 years now – I’ve never seen fans go apathetic. They don’t even care anymore. This season was the last straw. The Broncos have a lot of work to do to regain that fan base’s trust. The time for empty promises and empty words is over. Prove it.

2. Who do you want to coach the Broncos next season and beyond?

A coach who can fix Russell Wilson and change the culture of this lost franchise. And for me, the best to do that is Sean Payton. He did an interview with Colin Cowherd earlier this year talking about fixing Wilson. Given the success of his New Orleans offense with Drew Brees — and just his overall football IQ — he’s the one I want to run this ship out of control. Payton also helped the Saints become a Super Bowl winning franchise. I also don’t want a coach who toes the party line. I want a guy to come in and say to Greg Penner, “You can run the business side of this organization, but I’m running the football side. That means I pick my general manager and you stay out of the way. Penner and the Broncos need to land a big signing. As I mentioned in the first question, this will help prove this to the fans.

3. Do you think AFC West teams need to spend less time focusing on the Chiefs and start building a winning culture before turning their attention to Kansas City?

That absolutely should be the goal – and then finding a quarterback as good as Patrick Mahomes. But it all starts with winning culture. Fortunately, as long as Lloyd Christmas owns the Loss Vegas Raiders, that will never happen for that rubbish franchise. And the Los Angeles Chargers will always be Chargers. So that leaves the Broncos. And creating that winning culture is just as important as fixing Wilson.

4. Can Russell Wilson be fixed? How badly do you want him to stop saying, ‘Let’s ride’?

I’m one of the few who thinks Wilson can be fixed, but you need a trainer to get you there. I have no idea what relationship Payton has with Darrell Bevell or Brian Schottenheimer, but both of these guys have a proven track record with Wilson. They know you. They were successful with it. Whoever Penner hires as the next coach, one of those two should be the offensive coordinator. For the most part, he stopped short of saying, “Let’s ride” – but I wish he’d never made up that line. And let this be a lesson to Wilson: spend more time correcting yourself and your game than inventing awful catchphrases.

5. Please tell us a player you like – as well as your expectations and predictions for Sunday.

Let’s go with Mahomes with 2.5+ touchdown passes at +130. This is great value in DraftKings sports betting. Mahomes will top that number on Sunday.

As for Sunday’s game, I’m hoping to see what we saw in the most recent game between these two teams, when Mahomes and the Chiefs took a 27-0 lead. The difference is that Kansas City is not going to get complacent and let the Broncos get back in the game. Even good Denver teams struggle in December at Arrowhead – and this team is far from good.

The Chiefs win 34 to 13.

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