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Bought Taylor Swift Tickets For My Daughter For Christmas - You Won't Believe Her Reaction

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They were quick to get tickets.

These two lucky parents came across one very disappointed teenager when they surprised her with rare Taylor Swift concert tickets for Christmas.

In a viral TikTok clip that has surpassed 15.2 million views, the daughter opens the thin paper box to reveal a piece of paper showing the seat numbers.

“What is this?” she asks as she pulls the lid off the box. “Oh, Taylor Swift.”

“Whoa – I’m not a huge fan,” she adds as her jaw drops in confusion.

Her mom replies, “What?!” as her dad laugh punctuates the background video before the clip ends.

Despite the obvious problem that she wasn’t as Swiftie as her parents thought, these tickets came at an even higher price. Swift’s long-awaited “Eras” tour was the center of Ticketmaster controversy last month as admission prices soared into the thousands.

The girl opens the gift
The young teenager opened the thin box, clearly confused.
TikTok / allybeach919

An eager fan bought seats for $9,000 but left empty-handed despite her card being charged – just one example of the chaos that ensued as people clamored for tickets online. Unfortunately for many Swifties, there was too much demand and not enough supply, leaving many fans disappointed and without tickets (except for a few who might have had a second chance to buy).

This young woman’s viral video had viewers begging for the girl’s unwanted tickets, while others criticized her for being “ungrateful”.

“Guys, she’s not ungrateful, she’s just saying she doesn’t like Taylor Swift,” argued one user.

“Even before I saw her reaction, I had a feeling she wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift fan,” noted another.

“That’s not being ungrateful if my mom bought me Taylor Swift tickets, I would be pissed because she wasted her money on something I don’t like,” wrote another person.

Girl Disappointed With Taylor Swift Tickets
She was obviously less than thrilled to receive the highly sought after tickets her parents got.
TikTok / allybeach919

Other users criticized the parents for not knowing what their daughter likes – and some even assumed that the parents wanted the highly sought after tickets for themselves.

“What?!’ You don’t talk to your kids lmao,” chided one TikToker.

“Know your children,” criticized another.

“The way they were probably hell for them but that’s what happens when you don’t know your kids,” commented another user.

“They got her something THEY wanted,” someone else hypothesized.

“This isn’t her being ungrateful, it’s parents not knowing their kids. Or the parents getting something for themselves,” commented one viewer.

Other users tried to shed light on the situation, even offering to buy her tickets.

“Fine, she can resell them and buy a house,” joked one person.

“I’m going to buy them, I’m serious, I’m a huge fan,” said Swiftie.

Girl disappointed with the gift
She informed her anxious parents that she’s not a “big fan”, looking as shocked as ever.
TikTok / allybeach919

“GIVE ME THESE TICKETS,” demanded another.


Apparently, the dad’s other daughter “loves Taylor Swift,” the mom explained in the comments section, and the dad bought two tickets so the half-sisters could go together.

She assured other users that despite their reaction, “she likes Taylor”, she’s just not a “HUGE fan”.

“He was the one who bought the tickets,” @allybeach919, the mother who posted the clip, wrote in the comments, referring to her husband. “His daughter loves Taylor. he asked her if she liked taylor, she said yes, her old music. So he tried.