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Avatar 2 already said 1 character is doomed in a sequel

The Avatar franchise is said to be heading to Earth in future installments, but that spells a grim fate for one character in particular from the movies.

Warning: Major spoilers for Avatar: The Way of Water Below!Avatar: The Way of Water showed that a bleak future awaits one of its main characters. Avatar: The Way of Water returns to Pandora over a decade after the first avatar, with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) a father of four with his wife Na’vi Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and leading the Omaticaya tribe. However, his new life as a Na’vi is turned upside down when some of his human enemies from avatar return to Pandora.


At the the water way, the villainous Colonel Miles Quaritch returns in an Avatar body, with his mind and memories loaded into it. Quaritch leads a team of Jake’s former enemies on a quest to exact revenge for his defeat in avatar, but is beaten again by Jake and his fellow Na’vi, including the Metkayina Sea Tribe. Quaritch doesn’t die at the end of the water waybut despite that, James Cameron’s future plans for the avatar franchise demonstrate that a difficult road lies ahead for Quaritch. However, it’s for different reasons than one might expect, and it goes back to who Quaritch is as a person.

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The Avatar Franchise Might Be Heading to EarthAvatar The Way of Water

Producer John Landau offered a few different accounts about Avatar 5of the planes involving Earth. After stating that the film will involve “a section of the story where we go to Earth”, Landau later clarified in another interview that the franchise will “keep all stories on Pandora“. However, there may be enigmatic details at play about the avatar franchise history that Landau still can’t fully reveal. Landau specifically stating that “a section” in Avatar 5 would visit Earth could be the key to understanding the franchise’s plans.

Sci-fi elements like teleportation can be used to briefly take Avatar 5 down to earth. Furthermore, the abilities of the Na’vi deity Eywa can also bring history there through astral projection. Anyway, while this might take Jake on a trip home or another world to Neytiri, Avatar 5 bringing the Na’vi to Earth is much worse news for Quaritch. Compared to who he was originally avatarQuaritch is a very different man in Avatar: the water wayin more ways than one.

Why Quaritch Is Doomed in Avatar’s Return to Earth

Avatar way of water Quaritch jake sully

In his human form, Quaritch had nothing but disdain for the Na’vi in avatarbut by assuming a Na’vi form to Avatar: the water way, Quaritch apparently didn’t think about his revenge with Jake. In his Avatar form, Quaritch can only survive on Pandora, but in the body of what he sees as a lesser life form. Aside from dealing with being beaten up by Jake again in the water way, Quaritch will likely face an existential crisis as he is, in his mind, a prisoner of Pandora. It also gets worse for Quaritch in his relationship with his human son Spider (Jack Champion).

At the Avatar: The Way of WaterAt the end of , Spider saves Quaritch from drowning but still rejects his father’s pleas to join him, with Spider returning to Jake, Neytiri, and the Na’vi he has known his entire life on Pandora. With Quaritch alone, his only hope is to see the Na’vi as equals and make a sincere effort to reconcile with Jake and Spider after Avatar: The Way of Water🇧🇷 Without it, Quaritch faces a terrible fate as a man unable to physically adapt to his homeworld and spiritually adapt to Pandora.

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