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Students arrested at school for threats of gun violence: police

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Fremont, Calif.-Fremont police have arrested a teenager in Fremont for threatening to shoot and kill an American High School employee and threatening gun violence in junior high school.

“Students were arrested and booked at the juvenile training school for threats of felony terrorism and hate crimes,” police said in a message to the community. “The investigation warrant was provided at the student’s home, where a large amount of evidence was recovered.”

At least 19 students and two teachers were arrested the day after a school shooting in Texas killed them.

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A high school employee contacted police at 9:45 am and reported the threat on social media. “The investigation revealed that students threatened gun violence against school staff and included many racial adjectives,” police said. “We immediately began investigating this issue, working closely with the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD),” said the school’s resource officer.

According to police, the student and his parents were contacted by a police officer away from school and the student was arrested. The name of the 17-year-old boy has not been published.

Find out what’s happening in FremontWith free real-time updates from patches.

Police searched the student’s house, but said the gun was not recovered.

“Although many subjects were involved in the conversation, the arrested students directly threatened school staff with gun violence,” police said. “Students also commented on committing additional gun violence in an unnamed junior high school. At this time, we believe that only the arrested students threatened gun violence.”

Other people “involved in the conversation” have been identified and the school district is dealing with them.

“We were contacted by field officials who are actively investigating the case,” Fremont police chief Sean Washington said in a statement. “SRO was on the scene and collected additional facts that later confirmed that the incident was a direct threat to school staff and also a hate crime. I took action shortly after receiving this information. I am very proud of SROs and detectives. I am also grateful to community members, parents and students for sending messages of concern to their parents. Freemont Police Is committed to community and school safety. In light of recent events, publicly announce that school safety is our number one priority. I am all, including resources from professional forces. Instructed an additional patrol check on the school campus. “

According to the authorities, the victim’s name will not be disclosed.

The case is under investigation. People are asked to contact SROSgt. Please give us a hint at Calvin Tang (510-790-6743) or email

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