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A child of an employee of the Kitosap County Sheriff’s Office brought a loaded pistol into a backpack to school. The weapon was discovered by school staff while removing another item from a student’s backpack. No direct threats or harms were reported and the weapons were handed over to law enforcement agencies.

When Tim Winter, the director of the South Kitz Up School District, emailed South Kitz Up’s family and staff on Friday afternoon, students “unintentionally” brought their weapons and looked into their backpacks. The staff saw the gun.

According to Winter, the district’s security, security and emergency management officer contacted law enforcement agencies and possessed weapons.

According to an email sent by Mullenix principal Barbara Pixton to his parents and staff, there was no direct threat during the incident. The student’s grade was not specified. He also said that disciplinary action was being taken in cooperation with the student’s family.