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A 7-year-old Sandrapper Elementary student caught in a school-loaded gun and under investigation by RCSD

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Columbia, South Carolina (WIS)-Investigators at the Richland County Sheriff’s Office are working to determine if a 7-year-old student who took a gun to primary school on Thursday intentionally did so.

The incident took place at Sandrapper Elementary School in Richland School District 2. According to the RCSD, a school kid informed the manager that another student thought he had a gun. The staff searched for a 7-year-old backpack and found a loaded pistol.

The weapon was handed over to the school resource officer. Investigators are also investigating how the child obtained the weapon and whether the gun owner is prosecuted.

State law stipulates that students found with a gun on campus must be banished for one year. However, Richland Two’s policy states that supervisors can change it on a case-by-case basis.

“When considering whether to change the one-year dropout requirements, supervisors may consider, among other things, the student’s age, disciplinary action, and certain facts and circumstances of the case,” the policy said. increase.

Richland 2 has not yet made a decision in this case, as RCSD is continuing to investigate.

This is the third time a gun has been discovered on the Richland 2 campus in just over a month.

Gretchen Baron, councilor of the 7th District of Richland County, a district that includes Sandlapper Elementary School, said the case was “disappointing.”

As the mother of her 10-year-old son, she said it had a great impact on her.

“I talked to him about what happened in Texas just a few days ago, but now it happened in the immediate vicinity of where we live,” she said.

Baron said she first wore her “mother’s hat” when handling the case.

“This is one of the screams for parents because this elementary school student didn’t just find this gun on the street,” she said. “This gun was probably found at home. Tell her parents that they need to be properly secured so that children don’t get and bring in these weapons. School.”

Greg Hainish has two children in the Sandrapper Elementary. He said his first reaction to this news was one of the shocks.

“Before you have a child, you’re a little numb and perhaps even complacent,” he said. “But if you have a family or children in these spaces and you think it’s safe, your heart hurts and your heart hurts. For me, the kind of personal element that accompanies it is me. Knowing that my mother should have been there. She hasn’t retired, my sister is still in school, my kids are in school. “

His main concern is that he believes in how easy it was for this student to bring a gun to school.

Richland Two is considering some updates to its safety protocol, including the use of metal detectors. Dr. Baron Davis, director of Richland 2, said he was not their defender, but if Hainish meant reducing the likelihood of such an incident, his child’s He said he would support the technique at school.

“I understand the situation is a little different, but it’s okay to do these things to go to a sporting event. It’s okay to do these things when going to the airport. Concerts and their nature. I’m having trouble doing these things going to something, “he said. “I have a higher level of security, so it’s not a problem at all. I have no problem getting a metal detector in. After all, I want to see the kids come home. . “

Hours before the incident, Davis sent an email to the Richland 2 family about school safety. He touched on recent shootings in Texas, New York, Newberry County, and Richland County.

“We all need to be angry and careful enough to join together to change what is seemingly more frequent,” he said. “We cannot close our eyes on these events or pray for something to change. We all come up with solutions that save lives and prevent the meaningless slaughter of innocent people. We must unite for the sake of. “

According to Davis, the district has already taken steps to improve school safety in recent months. They added a school resource officer to the district and placed at least one SRO in every primary, middle and high school.

In addition, we added a security camera and installed bulletproof glass.

Baron said he praised Richland 2 for taking these steps.

Richland Two has sent a survey to family members in the district for feedback on how to improve the safety of the school in the future. Among the possible solutions proposed in the investigation are transparent backpacks and metal detectors.

No decision on such measures was made until the District Safety and Security Committee met in June.

On Thursday, admins sent this message to their parents about an incident caused by Sandrapper Elementary Principal Connie May.

It reads: “Unfortunately, I’m writing to you to share some news related to what you hear, but I know that open and transparent communication supports campus safety. That’s why I felt it was important today to let students know that they brought their guns to school with their backpacks.

The student never removed the gun from his backpack, which was seen at the end of the day by another student who told the school administrator. No one was threatened, and our school resource officer quickly got the weapon. District procedures and board policies were followed to address this situation.

We are dedicated to keeping Sandrapper Elementary a safe place for education and learning. Parents, you are an important partner in this effort. Help prevent weapons from being brought into school. Check your bookbag before school to make sure there are items left at home that can confuse the school and result in disciplinary action.

As mentioned in an email sent earlier today by our school district director, Richland 2 will take responsible action to prevent parents from talking to their children about gun safety and preventing them from accessing their weapons. We are affiliated with BeSMART, an organization dedicated to helping. See the resources available at. Thank you for reminding students and children that no weapons of any kind can be brought into school. We thank all our students and employees for helping us to make the most of our learning experience at Sandrapper Elementary. “

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